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Anglers, croc duke it out over shark

By Sandy Sand     Feb 3, 2010 in Lifestyle
An annual fishing trip by a group of Australian mates turned into an exciting match of wits against brawn when a thieving crocodile tried to snatch their catch.
The fishing expedition on a beach in the tropical north of Australia started out like any other. All was going smoothly until a wild saltwater croc crawled on shore and went after the small shark the men had just caught and were dragging onto the beach.
Describing the croc‘s lunge at the hooked shark, angler Bob Callan said:
"He was full on. He was going for that shark right or wrong, then it was — bang — hit him on the snout and away he went."
The fishermen used a hook to bop the menacing, gaping-jawed crocodile on the head, causing him to scurry back into the safety of the ocean.
Callan and mates are from the town of Inverell in New South Wales, and have a whopping fish story that no "crock" to tell their friends, family and grandchildren for years to come.
Callan said he and his friends go on a fishing holiday every year, and the shark, like all the fish they hook, was released back into the sea.
Wild saltwater crocodiles, also known as “salties,” inhabit that area and are know to attack humans.
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