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article imageChristmas Day suspect singing like a bird

By Michael Bearak     Feb 2, 2010 in Crime
The Obama administration came under great fire when they permitted the man accused of trying to bring down a jet liner on Christmas Day the right to remain silent instead of holding him like a military prisoner.
Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is suspected of failed terrorism attack of a Detroit-bound jetliner on Christmas Day. After his arrest he was allowed to remain silent instead of being held as a military prisoner and like a terrorist.
The FBI flew to Nigera, where Abdulmutallab is from, and convinced his family to help them and subsequently the FBI and Abdulmutallab's family returned to the United States.
While Abdulmutallab has been made aware of his "rights" under miranda to have an attorney and to remain silent he has opted not to remain silent.
The FBI and CIA have worked together with other intelligence gathering groups to question Abdulmutallab, who according to Fox News has been willing to cooperate.
The government wanted to keep it a secret, but in recent Capital Hill testimonies, Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Dianne Feinstein flat out asked Robert Mueller of the FBI if her understanding was correct in that Mr. Abdulmutallab was providing valuable information. All Mueller could do was agree.
The information gathered from Mr. Abdulutallab could help to clear President Obama as well as investigators for their treatment of the suspect.
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