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article imageUK Godfather Uses Facebook From Prison

By Michael Bearak     Jan 31, 2010 in Crime
People who commit crimes always have to be one step or so ahead of the law and those who try to stop them. Locking up one of the U.K.'s biggest criminals didn't stop him from conducting crime from within the prison walls.
Collin Gunn was sentenced to 35 years behind bars for conspiracy to murder. Nevertheless the 42-year-old man has still been running his crime empire from behind bars at the maximum security prison, Long Lartin, according to The Times Online.
Gunn was supposedly allowed to set up a Facebook account by the prison Governor, Ferdie Parker. It was suggested that setting up a Facebook page was part of Gunn's legal right, critics feel that a blind eye was turned out of fear of a civil rights challenge.
Meanwhile Gunn has not only been communicating with his associates and running his gang, he also has been issuing threats to those who had gone against him. Gunn's Facebook pages was quoted as saying, "It’s good to have an outlet to let you know how I am, some of you will be in for a good slagging, some have let me down badly, and will be named and shamed, f****** rats.”
On Friday his Facebook page was shut down. The justice secretary, Jack Straw, has announced that there is an on going crackdown over the use of the Internet and, more directly, networking websites. Straw also said that Gunn had not received permission to have the networking page.
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