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article imageMichael Darby on Google, China, Islam, and Taxes Special

By Michael Squires     Jan 24, 2010 in World
Born in 1945, Michael Darby is a former Australian Army Officer, whose principal academic qualification is First Class Interpreter, British Civil Service exam 1970. Darby has been writing and broadcasting on politics and economics since 1972.
In April 1975 Michael participated in the evacuation of 330 orphans from Saigon via Clark Field to Los Angeles. Michael established the Australian volunteer medical and civil aid team which, led by Dr. John Whitehall, was the only non-American contribution to Operation New Life, caring for refugees in transit through Guam. Later in 1975 Darby was honorary logistics officer for a similar team, also led by Dr. Whitehall, which functioned in East Timor from the August outbreak of the civil war until the Indonesian invasion in December. Darby campaigned for East Timorese independence until it was finally achieved in 1999 and has since then twice travelled to East Timor to entertain Australian troops with his Australian Poetry
In 1976 Darby introduced computerized campaigning into Australian free enterprise politics, in 1979 he became founding publisher of Free Market Magazine and in 1984 wrote the political campaigning textbook and database program "Majority".
Eldest son of long-serving parliamentarian the late Dr. Douglas Darby MLA and Esme Jean Darby MBE, founders of the Captive Nations Council of New South Wales, Michael on his father’s death in 1986 inherited the mantle of principal Australian campaigner for the liberation of the nations unwillingly incorporated in the Soviet and Jugoslav Communist Empires. He was awarded the Medal of St Casimir by the Lithuanian Community in Australia, and he has travelled extensively through Eastern Europe "to smell the freedom". He is a founder and patron of Queenslanders for Constitutional Monarchy, and is also patron of Sydney-based Street Mission. He was jailed by the Mugabe regime in 2001 and is a long-term campaigner for freedom and democracy in Zimbabwe.
An accomplished public speaker and scriptwriter, Michael Darby is a comic entertainer and performance poet at the leading edge of the revival of the Australian bush poetry tradition. He is an enduring campaigner for the rights of miners and pastoralists, and in November 2009 he played a significant role in the nationwide campaign to defeat the Australian Government's proposed Emissions Trading Scheme. Readers may be interested in The Darby Law of Taxation Futility: "All taxation, by whatever means it is levied, automatically generates a demand for governmental expenditure greater than the amount of revenue received", and the Darby Law of Bureaucracy: "In any hierarchy, all goals become subordinated to the aim of preserving the hierarchy."
Michael Darby's current major project is seeking official approval for the concept of an intrinsically healthy house for Australia's indigenous communities.
DJ: Good evening Mr. Darby, you have a very eclectic website covering a diverse range of topics, two of those being Islam and China, both of which are a daily source of news. The recent referendum in Switzerland banning the further construction of minarets seems to have created quite a stir in the European Union. Do you view this move as an isolated incident or the start of a change in thinking amongst Europe’s non-Muslim population?
MD: I am optimistic that European leaders will be encouraged by the Swiss to listen to their people. Le Monde on 2 December 2009 attributed this view to French President Nicolas Sarkozy: "Cétait l'illustration que les gens, en Suisse comme en France, ne veulent pas que leur pays change, qu'il soit dénaturé. Ils veulent garder leur identité." The Swiss people instinctively know that it is harder to protect their identity in the face of a growing minority whose first loyalty is claimed by a long dead prophet. Any discussion of any aspect of Europe should include an expression of grave concern that all European nations are unbreeding themselves out of existence. It may be that the demise of Europe is now inevitable. I hope and pray otherwise. What Europe needs is more European conception. Not next year. Tonight. I invite your readers to fund a Marriage and Conception Mission to Europe which I'll happily lead.
DJ: You mention France, with one of Europe’s highest population of Muslims continues to grapple with secularity and conspicuous religious symbols in schools.
MD: France is four percent Muslim population and already suffers significant problems. The Australian figure is under two percent. Two percent is much better than four percent. Australia can sustain a two percent Muslim population without serious harm. The challenge is how to keep the Muslim population to two percent.
DJ: There are a number of opinions and groups in Europe who feel the goal of Islam is the domination of Europe, complete with Sharia Law. Do you feel this is nothing more than a minority of people influenced by right wing conservatives who appose Islam?
MD: If Muslims obey the Koran, then it is clear that they feel obliged to establish Muslim domination everywhere. I'm reluctant to agree that right wing conservatives oppose Islam. Very few people of any political persuasion oppose the religious practice of Islam. A large and growing number of people are becoming more alert to the exploitation of women associated with Islam and the justification of aggressive behaviour associated with Islam. Australians of all political persuasions should be apprehensive about an ideology which follows a textbook prescribing the destruction of Christian civilisation.
DJ: Do you see this opposition to Islam is taking hold in the USA and Australia?
MD: It is hard to know how many Muslims there are in the USA because of the lack of official statistics on religious belief. The USA has a special problem with the success of campaigns promoting Muslim conversions in the prison system. This experience should ring alarm bells in Australia. We should not talk about opposition to Islam, whether in USA or Australia. We should talk about defending what we have, about preserving all the benefits of Christian civilisation. Christian civilisation is the only environment which genuinely protects freedom of religion for the adherents of all faiths. Countries controlled by Muslims have a very poor track record in terms of lack of religious freedom.
DJ: Do governments have a complete understanding of how a shift in demographics from a Christian society to a more pluralistic society with a large percentage being Muslim affect the USA and Australia?
MD: I am unaware of any benefits for a nation brought about by a steep increase in the percentage of the Muslim population. Some politicians have an expectation that more Muslim immigrants means more votes for them. This is not a healthy motive for managing immigration policy.
DJ: Are western governments and main-stream media falling over themselves in trying to be politically correct?
MD: There is a dangerous syndrome displayed by some politicians and media personnel which is the application of the aphorism "The enemy of my enemy is my friend". For example Greens who oppose freedom of enterprise and recognise Muslims as disposed to oppose freedom of enterprise seek to ally themselves with the Muslims.
DJ: Do you think that Muslim schools should be built in Christian dominated countries?
MD: Muslim Schools have no benefits for anyone. The existence of Muslim schools mean that Muslims can reach adulthood without ever having contact with non-Muslims. The result is that the second generation is less integrated than the first generation and the third generation is less integrated than the second generation.
DJ: Do you feel Islam is a true religion, a political religious ideology or a cult?
MD: If Islam were only a religion it would be less of a threat to Christian or Western Civilisation. But Islam purports to prescribe a total immutable recipe for life and for the administration of nations and the world. It has a prescription for peace which is attainable only when the whole world is Muslim
DJ: Do you think that Islam can co-exist with Christians and the principles of western liberal democracy?
MD: The private religious practices of Muslim families can co-exist and there was no problem with Muslims co-existing in Australia before WWII when the numbers were very small. As the numbers grow co-existence becomes geometrically more difficult.
DJ: Can it even co-exist with capitalism or is this a clash of civilisations?
MD: The depth of poverty generally associated with Muslim nations is directly caused by traditional Muslim rejection of the benefits of free markets and personal unfettered ownership of land.
DJ: On your Website you draw a comparison between Communism and Islam. How long ago did you produce this comparison?
MD: I first became aware of the similarities when I was studying Chinese more than forty years ago. In those days the Communist Chinese thought that all problems should be solved, and all questions answered, by reference to the literary work of Chairman Mao, "The Little Red Book", the Chicom equivalent of the Koran. That mentality caused many millions of deaths in China. The same mentality entraps millions of Muslims in poverty and short life spans.
DJ: Do you still feel this is valid today?
MD: The Communist Chinese have moved forward somewhat. In some respects the Muslim world has slipped back.
DJ: One of our largest trading partners is China, a Country run by the Communist Party. Do we have anything to fear from China?
MD: The Chinese people still have a lot to fear from their government which threatens perceived dissidents with execution, slave labour and organ harvesting. Australia should be very cautious about any government which does not have an official opposition. International companies doing business in China should never make any compromises with the Communists. For example inspect every sub contractor to ensure you are not profiteering from slave labour. Never accept any restriction on freedom of speech or freedom of information - Google please take note. Always report corruption and never engage in any kind of shady practice. If you have a choice, do the business in Taiwan instead.
DJ: China seems to have problems with Islam. Considering the large Muslim population bases throughout Asia, how do you feel China will co-exist with countries such as Indonesia with more than 200 million Muslims?
MD: From 1958 to 1975, Chinese suffered persecution in Indonesia, to varying levels of severity, for example by being forced to adopt Indonesian names and by being punished for speaking Chinese. In Indonesia in 1965 very many Chinese lost their lives in anti-Chinese campaigns disguised as anti-Communist measures. . In 1996-1999 Indonesia displayed unpleasant echoes of that experience, especially in the May 1998 mass rapes, violence and looting in Jakarta. The Chinese have long memories and also remember the close affinity between Imperial Japan and the forebears of the Indonesian leadership. The Communist Chinese will continue to take strategic positions in Indonesian resources, but they will not rush to trust the Indonesians. There is anecdotal evidence that the Indonesians treated Chinese Christians worse than Chinese of other faiths. I have Indonesian (notionally) Muslim friends who understand very well that the economy of their nation depends on the energy, frugality and entrepreneurial spirit of locally-born Chinese. There are many enlightened people in Indonesia, and I hope they prevail.
DJ: The recent and ongoing disagreement between Google and censorship in China has been compared to Internet censorship in Muslim countries, such as Saudi Arabia. Do you feel there is a linkage in the way China and Islam defend their respective ideology?
MD: This comes down to the law that with tongue in cheek I claim as my own: "In any hierarchy, all goals become subordinated to the aim of preserving the hierarchy." In Communist China and in Muslim nations, the cost of defending the system is the poverty and misery inflicted on the people least able to fend for themselves. Women get a very bad deal in Communist China and a far worse deal in most Muslim countries
DJ: But isn’t Australia walking down the same path with proposed plans to introduce Internet Filtering?
MD: Australians will accept or even welcome filtering which protects children against sexual exploitation. Australians will accept filtering intended to intercept fraud.
DJ: Are you saying Australia should censor the Internet the same way that China does?
MD: Australians will not accept filtering which is intended to entrap dissidents or entrench in power a political regime.
DJ: Thank you Mr Darby.
MD: Do you know that I was widowed in 1996,? I guess I would reply to correspondence from a lady of similar age and a similar commitment to individual liberty.
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