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article imageOp-Ed: Green Regime Change in Iran

By Johnny Simpson     Jan 28, 2010 in World
Since 1979, the Islamist regimes ruling Iran have violated every civilized convention known to man. They have massacred up to 100,000 of their own citizens and exported terror as far away as Argentina. Should the world help the Greens change all that?
Despite the many failures and cautionary tales resulting from external regime change in Iraq, today's Shiite extremist-ruled Islamic Republic of Iran is a unique, special, and now most promising case for regime change. It is now possible internally, via powerful democratic forces and a society fractured from top to bottom. That change within Iran, in fact ANY change for that matter, would be way overdue.
Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the religious extremists that have ruled Iran have been among the world's worst human rights offenders and state sponsors of terror. Within the Islamic Republic of Iran, women and young girls are stoned and hanged for the crime of being raped, even sentenced to death for the crime of defending themselves from rape. Gay men are hunted down online by basiji and the police using fake foreign IP addresses with "gay dating services," savagely tortured after arrest (unless you have the bribe money, sacred Men of God that they are), and ruthlessly exterminated in the most barbaric and inhuman ways. They savor the pain of their victims.
Legal minors are routinely executed, a direct violation of international laws and conventions. 140 minors on Death Row was the last count at the Iran-based website before it was shut down last year (back online now, by the way). Even bloggers have paid the ultimate price for insulting Iran's obviously maniacal leadership. Do you have to be a psychiatrist to see all that by now? Check the links. Look at the reports, pics and video. This ain't no Jack London drama. I wish it were! Here's why. In all, it is estimated that the various Islamist extremist regimes ruling Iran since 1979 have massacred up to 100,000 of their own citizens. Mass graves are commonplace. That Iran has been a signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights through it all is a sick joke and a gruesome affront to the civilized everywhere.
Yet the Islamist regimes in Iran seem to have not been content with raining terror, bloodshed and murder upon their own citizenry. Through their terrorist proxies Hamas and Hezbollah, Iran has wrought incalculable mayhem, carnage and death across the globe. The Marine Barracks bombing in Beirut in 1983, which resulted in the deaths of 241 US servicemen on a UN-sanctioned peacekeeping mission during the Lebanese civil war. The Khobar Tower bombings in Saudi Arabia in 1996, which resulted in the deaths of 19 American servicemen, one Saudi national, and the wounding of 372 others living there at the time.
The twin terror bombings in Argentina in 1994, the worst terror attacks in that nation's history. In 2006, Iran was deemed complicit and indicted for those bombings, carried out by their terrorist proxy Hezbollah. As a result, many Iranian leaders are wanted by Interpol for their involvement in those terror attacks. Today, the Ahmie and Khamie regime continues Iran's endless campaign of terror, bloodshed and murder within and without Iran. At home, innocent Green protesters are beaten to death and gunned down in the streets, raped and tortured in prison, coerced into public confessions on Iran State TV in Stalinist Show Trial fashion, and are now even facing execution for the crime of demanding their stolen votes back.
In neighboring Afghanistan and Iraq, the Islamist Iranian regime is supplying the Taliban in Afghanistan and Shiite extremist groups like Hezbollah in Iraq with heavy weaponry and explosive EFPs, which have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of American and Allied soldiers in both countries, and the maiming of thousands more. In those two troubled nations, the Islamist regime is Iran is in nothing less than a state of war, and is in fact a major belligerent without whose support the Taliban and Shiite extremist groups might be enduring the same defeats as Al Qaeda in Iraq suffered not long ago.
To top it all off, the Iranian regime now seems hell-bent on acquiring nuclear weapons to expand their regional power, and perhaps even use them against Israel as soon as they are built. Regardless of what the regime tells the world, it has been caught red-handed trying to acquire nuclear components such as triggering devices (which serve no peaceful purposes whatsoever), have refused to ship their uranium stockpiles outside Iran for processing into fuel rods, and even today loudly proclaim the destruction of Israel as an inescapable inevitability. Iranian leaders have long advocated the use of nuclear weapons against Israel to facilitate its annihilation. Ali Larijani, the current House Speaker of Iran's Parliament and former international negotiator for Iran's nuclear program, once said in an interview that the deaths of 100,000,000 Muslims in a nuclear exchange with Israel would be an acceptable outcome. And he's a moderate!
Unlike the question of WMDs in Iraq, there are no lingering questions left unanswered in Iran. This is not speculation. It is all well-documented fact. And I have witnessed much of it happening as it happened over the course of my adult life. Many of you might consider Iran's talk of using nuclear weapons against Israel as pure bluster and political fodder for the Islamist extremist base at home. But to date the Islamist extremist regimes in Iran have had no compunction in massacring tens of thousands of innocents both within and without Iran, or acting on their bloody threats over the past thirty years. The gruesome record speaks for itself. The question you have ask yourself is, are they capable of implementing a nuclear holocaust on Israel? Or even America, given the regime's history and dire threats against us? Perhaps the real question is, given the regime's Joker-like record of mayhem and murder, what are they NOT capable of?
To be clear, unlike Ali Khomeini, the Ayatollah Khomeini's grandson, I am not pleading with American forces to invade Iran, or even for a UN coalition of Allied forces to do so. I am not proposing that ANY outside nations blitz the Islamic Republic with massive ground spearheads and devastating bombing raids. In an extremely rare, ironic and most timely twist of fate, the regime's brutal and murderous response to the Green Revolution has planted the seeds of regime change within Iran itself. All we need do is what the Greens ask of us, and provide whatever help and assistance they may request in ousting the illegitimate iron-fisted Hitlerite regime of Ahmadinejad and Khamenei and their torturing, raping and killing basiji armies.
I am not even recommending that the Greens engage the regime with military force or begin an insurgency. It is their country. It is up to them to decide which course of action to take to oust the regime, replace it with one more savory to freedom-loving Iranians, and do whatever else is necessary to bring Iran into the peaceful and civilized community of nations once again. Unlike at any time in the Islamic Republic's brief history, Iran is once again ripe for revolution. Unlike past protests, the Green Revolution will not disappear in a wave of imprisonments and disappearances of top dissidents. The Green Revolution has gravely fractured Iranian society, from the man on the street to top revolutionary leaders and the revered clergy of Qom. It is not going away quietly into the night and fog as past uprisings have. The Green Revolution is here to stay.
All that is needed from we free nations is to provide the Greens with whatever moral, technical, financial, media and even military support they need to effect whatever measures they believe are necessary to rid themselves of today's Third Reich. Most of all, it will take more courage and outright defiance of the Iranian regime on the part of Western nations than we are seeing now. It pains me to watch Green protesters refer to President Obama and the United States as collaborators with the regime alongside Russia and China. That is not who we are as a people and a nation. To do nothing, and sit on the sidelines as brave Greens risk their lives every time they take to the streets in protest, is moral cowardice at its worst. The free world should do everything in its power to aid the Greens in every way it can, and however they ask us to.
For decades, the civilized world has pleaded with Iranian regimes to cease and desist with their human rights and terrorist horrorshows at home and abroad. They have never listened in the past, are not listening today, and will not listen in the future. The regime has proved itself time and time again these past thirty years since the Islamic Revolution that they are hell-bent on maintaining power at home at all costs through crushing dissent and the wanton slaughter of innocents, as well as expanding power and fear worldwide through state-sponsored terror. Yet the time has never been more ripe for a democratic revolution in Iran. We should do all in our power to provide the Greens with the tools they need to defeat this savage regime, just as we once supported the Resistance in France against their brutal and bloodthirsty oppressors.
Anything less would be uncivilized. Let us be the Green's Right Guard, and help them eliminate the stench of fascism once and for all in Iran. It's really stinking up the joint, isn't in? To paraphrase President Reagan, Let Iran Be Iran. Let us do all in our power to help make the Iranian people's dreams of freedom and peaceful coexistence a reality. It is those dreams which they sought to bring to fruition as they voted in last June's elections, and which were stolen out from under them in a wave of fraud, oppression and bloodletting. Can anyone doubt the world would be a better place with a Green Iran? One in which the Neda Soltans and Kaveh Alipours can witness democracy in action in the streets without fear of taking a bullet or being beaten to death? The same basic fundamental human rights we in the West take as for granted as breathing?
Whatever the outcome of current events in Iran, should the Greens emerge triumphant in the end, they will remember with great fondness those true blue friends who stood by them, spoke out loudly and repeatedly for their cause and against the regime, and assisted them in every way possible. Conversely, they will remember with the utmost contempt and hostility those who stood by and did nothing, or even worse, supported and engaged the regime for purposes of profitable trade or futile negotiations despite the rivers of innocent blood which have flowed these past eight months. The Greens already count Russia, China, Germany, even Hezbollah and Hamas among the regime's collaborators. Even worse, Obama is now being branded a traitor to the cause by Green protesters. I don't like that, and not for Obama. For We The People.
I would much rather the Greens, and all freedom-loving Iranians for that matter, cheer we in the free West, myself and my fellow Americans as Lafayettes and not Quislings. Which would YOU rather be remembered as? It's not even a question for me. The answer comes as natural to me as breathing. I always side with the Resistance against Hitler. Please feel free to share any thoughts you may have on my proposed Greening of Iran Plan with the White House, State, your Representatives and US Senators in Congress and your local media. It is long past due that we Americans stood up for the Greens, as the French once stood up for us during the darkest hours of our Revolution when all seemed lost. Let us give the Greens the tools they need to chart their own destiny, and crawl out from under the bloody iron boots of Ahmadinejad and Khamenei et al into the sunlight of freedom. Works for me. DOWN WITH THE DICTATOR! FREE IRAN! GO GREEN!
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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