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article imageScott Bickel: From Neglect And Squalor To Author

By Andrew Boggs     Jan 23, 2010 in Lifestyle
From the squalor of inner city Cleveland, a young child of drug addicts finds his way into suburbia and success. This is the story of Scott Anthony Bickel.
On July 6th, 1990 Dick Tracy, Robo Cop 2 and Gremlins 2 were burning up the movie screens. On television Fox’s The Simpsons were the laugh riot of the season. And in sports, New York Yankee, Andy Hawkins pitches a complete twelve-inning game yet the team loses 2-0 to the opposing team. And in world news, sixty-five people were killed during a soccer match in Somalia. It is also the date that Scott Anthony Lanese was introduced to the world in a near record sweltering 90 degree heat. Scott’s birth mother and biological father were both drug addicts and alcoholics according to their son. And they had other problems dealing with society as well. Scott has two older sisters and a brother, along with a younger sister who passed away soon after birth. Scott himself has never met his biological father.
The Lanese children and their mother were living in squalor - much of the money they were able to procure went into scoring hallucinogenic drugs. Scott and his siblings had lived enough trauma to last a lifetime in the short time they remained with their mother. At a little over two years old, he and his brother and sisters were removed from their mother by child protective services and placed in foster homes. Scott and older sister Stephanie were initially placed together. The world all the children knew was filled with uncertainties and all the mental shock that went with it. One-by-one, the Lanese children would find adoptive homes. Eventually Scott would be separated from Stephanie as she became adopted.
Six months passed and Scott was placed into the hands of a more experienced foster home. The degradation of his birth home left him unable walk, talk and interact with others. The experienced foster home would give him what he was missing in his earlier development. Scott says this home was responsible for his successful early development. Scott was experiencing a world so few see - at least here in North America. His world was unsteady and he would meet with people who were not his family in steady succession - not sure who all these strangers were who were making decisions about his young life. If one can imagine being a small child and all these tall adults talking and whispering over you - well that was Scott’s world.
Finally it was Scott’s turn at five years-old to find two loving adoptive parents in Norm and Pat Bickel on July 11th, 1995 - Scott’s full name changing From Scott Anthony Lanese to Scott Anthony Michael Bickel. It was another change, however, this one was permanent. Scott now had an extended family beyond his siblings. To be sure, this would be another adjustment for Scott, but in the Bickel household, Scott would continue to thrive. Scott had went from slum to middle class suburbia that is North Royalton, Ohio. He had his own bedroom, a father who is an electrical engineer and a mother who works in a bank. Both his parents wanted to be parents and Scott was their best present ever - he was truly loved and his parents picked him. Scott would not be taken for granted.
Norm and Pat Bickel showered Scott with gifts his first Christmas with his adoptive parents. His attitude was there was an overabundance of gifts - that just having a home and belonging was the biggest gift he could have. Scott became Norm’s ’Little Buddy’ during his early years with the Bickels. It was the following summer when I finally met Little ’Scotti’ as he was called. He was shy, but had a nice smile when I met him on my way to meet his dad. I could look into his eyes and see the past pains and uncertainties he lived through. Yet Scott was easy to talk with and upbeat in his personality when we first met - I got to like Scotti instantly. And all of my e/mails to the Bickels were addressed to his father, mother and Scott. In my own way, it was an acceptance that he was and is part of it all.
Scott’s parents are devoted Greek Orthodox Catholics who attend St. Joseph’s Byzantine Catholic Church in the same suburb. Scott eventually became an alter boy at the church strengthening his belief in God with the help of his priest and parents. Thankfully in the Bickel home, Scott has continued to have open access with his siblings. On July 3rd, 2005, Scott finally had a sense of closure concerning his birth mother. With the permission of the Bickels, Scott had seen his birth mother once more with the help of his older sister Jennifer. She drove him to a restaurant his mother waitresses at. His mom was overwhelmed her son had grown strong and tall and accomplished while living with the Bickels - he had overcome his past and was now a man.
Scott has been an intelligent child and now adult at the age of nineteen continues to be. From the first days to the current with the Bickels, Scott has self-taught himself as a concert pianist as well composed music, he taught himself to be an accomplished magician, he has participated in sports - baseball, track, basketball and his favorite - football, where he was a linebacker for his North Royalton football team. Scott always had and has a sense of humor, wanting to make people laugh. Scott has seen a lot of adversity in his early life, yet refuses to let his past bring him down.
On June 7th, 2009, he walked out of North Royalton High School with diploma in hand for the last time - next day, he officially became a US Marine and was sent to Parris Island, South Carolina, joining 500 others in Delta Company. He managed to survive the brutal rigors of boot camp and graduated basic in the top percentage in his class.
On October 19th, 2009, Scott decided to embark upon his dream as a writer in the creation of ‘The White Picket Fence, a story of romance with a high school love and later in the character’s thirty-something years, a mysterious woman he met one evening in Memorial Park in North Royalton. With his young love, there was a breaking up at graduation time from his North Royalton High School. The young woman’s parents felt Scott was not the man their daughter should be with. So they sent her away to college. Meanwhile, Scott found himself in Afghanistan in which he found himself in a coma, only to believe his one true love died in a car accident. To find out more, you’ll just have to read ’The White Picket Fence’ from Xlibris Press. The book is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and through a link on on the ’Books & Magazines’ page as well the publisher’s site at
Scott’s style of writing is based on real life experiences that most of us have encountered in one abstract way or other. His works are based in the real world of everyday people - no exotic faraway locations with unbelievable plots. it’s a relaxing book that once you start reading it, you won’t want to put it down - its that good. In the story you are drawn in, looking through Scott’s eyes - its like you are Scott yourself - very refreshing writing. As to myself, I never wanted the book to end - and in my case, I am devoted to non-fiction books like technology, biography, current events and history. So if I enjoyed the book, it really is a great book.
Scott is planning to press on in making his book into a motion picture. Having read it, I can hardly wait to see the film version. That’s a dream, but you known what? His dreams tend to turn into reality with his working tenacity to succeed. Scott, I can’t wait to see your next book in print!
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