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article imageOp-Ed: Stark Contrast between MA Senators John Kerry and Scott Brown

By Patrick Truax     Jan 21, 2010 in Politics
Much hay is being made about the abrupt 180 degree turn Massachusetts voters took in electing Republican State Senator Scott Brown. Before we toss too many kudos their way, let us remind you of the OTHER senator from the Commonwealth.
Just for the record, how many pieces of Legislation as Kerry authored? Ones that actually became law, since his tenure began in 1986?
This space has long identified John Kerry as a symptom of what is wrong with America. One of our favorite anecdotes about Kerry is having the fire hydrant removed from in front of his Boston townhouse. His effete elitism should have garnered him no more than 20% of the vote in the 2004 Presidential election, but 45% of America voted for him. What does that say about our collective IQ?
Lest we forget, John Kerry, (D) MA, falsely claimed a war injury which gave him a Purple Heart in Viet Nam. Upon his return to the US, he found it was more expedient politically to denounce his service and join the anti-war movement, culminating in his throwing his “alleged” Purple Heart over the White House fence during a rally. It was also during this time that Kerry, while still an active duty member of the Navy, met in Paris with North Vietnamese leaders without the sanction of the US government. This cost him a Dishonorable Discharge, most believe, that was somehow expunged by President Clinton, or Carter. Certainly the Discharge form he has displayed so far is inaccurate, as it lists no penalty or disposition of Kerry’s status after the meeting in Paris.
But back to the Purple Heart that Kerry threw over the fence. How did it wind up framed, on his Senate office wall? It wasn’t HIS medal he threw, it belong to someone else!
The fraud that is John Kerry (remember he marched as Grand Marshal in the Boston Saint Patrick’s Day parade? When he didn’t have a drop of Irish blood in him? And when confronted with this fact he said "well,nobody asked"?) is perpetuated by the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. His continued re-election to the Senate demonstrates Massachusetts voters sheer stupidity, ignorance, or complicity in his fraudulent tenure.
The Commonwealth has now put in a Republican in the seat that saved a Kennedy from a vehicular manslaughter charge. To give away the seat the Kennedy family paid for all those years ago is a huge step in the right direction for the Bay State. With the election of Scott Brown, one can hope that this is a trend nationwide to get rid of those in public office who have gotten so comfortable that they have forgotten why they are there. Certainly John Kerry fits in this category.
Most honest and reasonable folks know that Kerry is a fraud. He has not produced one thing of substance in his 20 year tenure, has been on the wrong side of middle America since his birth, and wittingly or not, comes off as someone who disdains those beneath him. No problem there, it is to be expected of liberal Northeast elites, except he thinks his station in society is protected by his Senate seat. The hallowed Kennedy seat was just taken by a man driving a pick up truck, while John Kerry has ridden in the back of a chauffeured Suburban for 20 years. Scott Brown served with honor, while John Kerry testified before the US Senate against his fellow sailors and soldiers. Brown has arrived in DC with a game plan, while Kerry never did, doesn't now, and never will have a plan of his own. Remember the 87 Million? He didn't understand why that was such a screw up, and blamed everyone else for its viral dissemination. Not having a plan of his own cost him dearly that day, but truthfully, he probably isn't capable of coming up with one on his own. Any policy work he has ever done was at the behest of someone else, up to and including the direction of his 2004 campaign.
The contrasts between the two couldn't be more visible and one hope this trend of replacing mandarins with real people with real issues continues through 2012.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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