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article imageJudge releases UK man jailed for beating up home intruder

By Gemma Fox     Jan 20, 2010 in Crime
The issue of whether or not people in the UK have the right to defend themselves against home intruders was raised again today. A businessman, previously jailed for assaulting an intruder, was released after appealing his conviction.
The Court of Appeal in the UK has made the decision to release a man who was jailed after he permanently injured an intruder to his home using a cricket bat.
Fifty-three year old Munir Hussain, a local respected businessman, had been jailed for thirty months after being found guilty of grievous bodily harm with intent after beating up Walid Salem, an intruder to his home, on September 3 2008.
His thirty-five year old brother Tokeer Hussain was also jailed after being found guilty of grievous bodily harm with intent. His 39 month sentence was reduced to 2 years.
The court reduced his jail term to 12 months suspended for two years and put a in requirement for supervision for two years.
Mr Hussain, who was serving his sentence at Bullingdon Prison in Oxfordshire, was released from there and joined his family at his fathers house in High Wycombe. He spoke to reporters outside the house and said, "First of all, thank you all the media for supporting us while we've been away. That support has been very comforting. I'm very happy, but obviously my brother is still there."
Younger brother Qadeer Hussain informed reporters that the family were going to have a meal and spend some time together as a family.
Sitting with two other judges at the court in London, Judge Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge said that he has shown mercy to Munir Hussain.
Awais Hussain, son of Munir, spoke outside the court and said, "We're extremely grateful to the Court of Appeal and the Lord Chief Justice for releasing my father. We're grateful for all the support we have received from the entire nation, and all the support from the media. Whilst it will be great to have my father home immediately, our thoughts will be with my uncle, Tokeer Hussain, who won't be released as yet... We hope he stays strong. I don't think our family will ever get over it."
Both Munir and Tokeer Hussain are well respected in their local communities and were described as being at the heart of the community. They appeared in Reading Crown Court last December and were found guilty and subsequently jailed.
On September 3 2008 Munir Hussain returned home from the local mosque with his wife and children. They found balaclava wearing intruders in their home.
The intruders tied the family up but Munir Hussain was able to escape and alerted his brother Tokeer. Together they chased the intruders down the street and were able to bring one of them, Walid Salem, to the ground.
It was then that they beat him with such force that the cricket bat they used broke into three pieces. The attack left the intruder Salem with permanent brain damage.
Speaking about the case Lord Judge said this case was a "true exceptionality". He also said, "This trial had nothing to do with the right of the householder to defend themselves or their families or their homes. The burglary was over and the burglars had gone. No one was in any further danger from them."
Sir Paul Stephenson, Metropolitan Police Commissioner said that people who were willing to put themselves in danger whilst tackling criminals should be described as heroes. Courageous members of the public made our society worthwhile he said. The political debate about whether people have the right to defend themselves with force continues.
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