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Poll: Arab League countries' views of U.S. leadership improved

By Oliver VanDervoort     Jan 20, 2010 in World
Gallup polls conducted during 2009 show that among Arab League countries, the opinion of United States leadership has improved over the last year.
For countries like Djibouti, Mauritania, and Comoros, an already steady majority of people who had a positive view of America grew by fairly substantial numbers. In the spring of 2009, 69 percent of people in Djibouti approved of U.S. leadership, by the fall, that number grew to an astounding 81 percent. In Mauritania and Comoros, slim majorities (56 and 54 percent respectively) moved into the solid majority category. (78 and 69 percent)
In Bahrain and Kuwait, very few approved of United States leadership in the spring, but when the poll was conducted again in the fall of 2009, both countries saw huge gains in the number of people who now approve of American leaders. Bahrain's population saw the biggest jump of any of the Arab League country. In the spring of 2009 only 22 percent approved of American leadership, but in the fall, that number grew to a majority of 55 percent, a 33 point improvement in the span of six months. Kuwait rose from just 33 percent in favor, to 52 percent supporting American leadership over the same time frame.
Even among Arab League countries that still have a minority of those who support American leadership, there was improvement. In Egypt, only 22 percent approved in the spring, by the fall, that number had risen 15 points to 37 percent. Even in the Palestinian territories, where just seven percent approved in February of last year, more people showed an approval come October, with a 13 point jump.
In all, only two Arab League countries saw their approval decrease over the year. Saudi Arabians saw their approval go from 29 to 26 percent, while Algerians saw their numbers drop from 47 percent to 43 percent.
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