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article imageOp-Ed: Andre Berto Should Disclose Real Reason for Calling Off Fight

By Leo Reyes     Jan 19, 2010 in Sports
The Mosley-Berto boxing match scheduled for January 30 in Las Vegas, Nevada has been called off 10 days before the fight due to the Haiti earthquake tragedy but boxing fans question the motives behind the sudden decision by the promoters
Boxing fans from around the world have expressed their support and understanding for Andre Berto's decision to withdraw from the Mosley-Berto boxing fight that was scheduled to take place in Las Vegas on January 30.
But many of these boxing fans are asking why a fight that was scheduled to happen in less than 10 days and a fight destined to catapult Berto to stardom would be canceled just because Haiti is mourning and Berto's family and friends have been devastated by the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that flattened Haiti's capital city?
It is understandable that Berto was himself devastated by the recent turn of events in Haiti. Some say though that Berto should have gone ahead with his battle with Mosley and donate his prize to the suffering countrymen, if he really cares about them.
But beyond all these, boxing fans want to know the real reason why Berto backed out so suddenly with barely two weeks to the fight. What about the training and time that he and his team invested in the most challenging fight of his boxing career? What about the expenses that his trainer and the whole team have incurred? What about the contract that he signed up with the promoter? What about his chances of landing a challenging fight that would match if not surpass his aborted fight with Mosley?
Too many questions remains unanswered and boxing fans demand that proper disclosure on the Mosley Berto fight cancellation be made publicly.
Mosley, who is reportedly a partner of Golden Boy Promotions owned by Oscar de la Hoya, is not expected to divulge the real reason for the sudden decision to abort the fight. At the same time, to protect its business interests, Golden Boy may try to downgrade the rumors circulating around that boxing fans are being taken for a roller coaster ride by the promoters for staging a pre-arranged match up that will generate huge revenues for the Mosley and the promoters.
On the other hand, some boxing analysts say that Mayweather is afraid to face Mosley saying that the undefeated boxer will prefer to fight less capable fighters to be assured of a win and to preserve his zero loss record while others say that Mosley may be ready to give away his fight for a huge payout which will be taken out from the revenues to be generated by the match-up.
By not disclosing the real reason for the aborted Mosley-Berto fight, boxing fans will continue to ask questions and unless these questions are properly addressed, the credibility of both boxers and promoters will suffer as boxing fans will likewise continue to assert their rights to see a good, legitimate and clean fight.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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