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article imageOp-Ed: Stop Us Or We'll Score

By Michael Bearak     Jan 19, 2010 in Sports
There have long been grumblings and grippings about coaches running up the scores of contests calling it unsportsman like. Just the same the purpose of a defense is to stop an offense and if you can't why should a team throw away a scoring chance?
This past weekend the Minnesota Vikings were accused of running up the score against the Dallas Cowboys. Still, is it the Vikings fault that the Cowboys couldn't stop the Vikings? Some people feel it was wrong for the Vikings to be throwing to the end-zone when they could have just run the clock out at the end of the game.
I have mixed feelings about that. If your team is good enough to stop an offense then the score can't and won't get run up. Just the same if you aren't playing well enough to stop the other team then a one sided or lop-sided loss is what you have to endure.
Should Brett Favre have still been in the game late in the 4th quarter when the game was over? The fact is the Vikings were up 27-3 with just over 7 minutes left in the game. Was the game over? That isn't the choice of Brad Childress to call and not us. If Favre had been sacked and injured in the fourth quarter with the Vikings up 27-3 then everyone would be jumping down Childress' throat for leaving his star in there.
Dallas fans are upset because this was one of the worst playoff defeats in the Cowboys' long history. They wouldn't have said word one if they had been up 27-3 with Tony Romo still leading scoring drives.
The Vikings threw the ball all day long, it wasn't a matter of changing up their offense to put more points on the board. Steve Spurrier was accused of doing the same thing at Florida. The fact still remains, whether you are a college player or a professional, the job of the defense is to stop the offense and when you can't that offense will score points.
It really doesn't matter the sport either. Should coaches pull their starters when they are way up? Maybe, but it depends, should you have to pull your starters when you are winning even if the other team doesn't? Again that is the decision of the coaches on the field. If an owner or an athletic director doesn't like the decision then it is their place to bring it up to the coach.
The losing team and their fans will always complain that the score was run up if your starters are still in and you are scoring points.
While you run a risk of injury when you have your starters in the game, that risk is there on the opening play and the last play. If you don't want to be on the losing end of a lopsided loss, then figure out a way to stop the opposing offense, but in the end whining about it won't change a single thing.
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