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article imageGender differences seen in lies about shopping Special

By Carol Forsloff     Jan 18, 2010 in Lifestyle
A woman waiting to pay for shoes at Nordstroms Off the Rack was asked if she wanted to keep the shoes she bought in the shoebox. Her answer substantiates recent research about how women lie about shopping.
The clerk who asked the question seemed not at all surprised when the woman replied she didn't want the box. The customer said, audibly as Digital Journal overheard, "Please put them in that exercise bag I just bought. Then he won't know what else I bought."
A recent news story discussed the shopping habits of women, revealing that the recession hasn't changed them much. In addition surveys have found that women lie about what they purchase and how much they spend. The shoebox was a clue to this, as the clerk declared that most women don't want to keep the box when they buy the shoes and make some remark about not wanting the husband to know the price. What the clerk at Nordstroms found to be true, and what Digital Journal observed, is in line with research that women lie about how much they spend and especially about shoes.
A survey of 1500 British women done by a British women's magazine called Marie Claire found women are savvy in terms of lying to their partners about their spending habits. In fact what the magazine found was that women haven't changed the way they spend during the recession but tend to lie more about it.
The magazine reports, "Forty per cent said they had bought clothes or beauty products which they had kept secret from their other halvls. And 80 per cent of the new clothes, shoes and handbags bought were kept secret."
So why do women lie about their shopping habits? It turns out men and women tend to lie equally; they just lie about different things. Forbes Magazine took a look at how men and women lie to each other and concluded both sexes lie but lie differently. Men lie about careers, about affairs, about the cost of doing business. The magazine observed men are more blatant about lying than women. Men will make direct statements of denial, whereas women are more secretive in their lies.
There is a difference in how men and women lie and what they lie about. When it comes to shopping, Dr. Jonathan Alpert, psychotherapist, observes, women know men see buying five pairs of shoes unnecessary so they will keep their shoe-buying habits from their boyfriends", Alpert says. "Rarely will a man lie about shopping, especially when it comes to shoes."
But women, as recently observed, may lie no more than men but will certainly do it about shoes.
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