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article imageOp-Ed: NFL: Is Wade Phillips Back on the Hot Seat?

By Paul Raymond Jr     Jan 17, 2010 in Sports
Should Dallas Cowboys coach Wade Phillips be worried about his job after his team's embarrassing 34-3 loss to the Minnesota Vikings?
So one has to wonder, is Dallas Cowboys coach Wade Phillips back on the hot seat? Owner Jerry Jones hates being embarrassed and his team was beaten like a red-headed step-child by a 40-year old quarterback and a much hungrier Minnesota Vikings defense.
Earlier today was reporting that Jones was considering picking up Phillips option and extending his contract for another two seasons. And in all honesty that made sense; it appeared Phillips had finally gotten the Cowboys over the hump. They won a playoff game and were actually perceived favorites to a lot of fans and NFL insiders. The Cowboys were relevant again and Jones had to be enjoying that.
Like Mike Florio of PFT said, only way Phillips would have to sweat his job would be if the Cowboys were embarrassed. Unfortunately for him, that happened and in spectacular fashion as the Vikings won 34-3.
First things first, Phillips in my eyes isn’t under contract for 2010 and not even the Cowboys coach anymore. Yes, there is a team option for his services, but it’s exactly that a TEAM option. In my opinion, that would mean he was coaching for his job today. If Jones doesn’t pick up his option there is no salary there that he’ll be paid like if he was fired. So in reality, now that the season is over he has one foot in his Cowboys office and the other in free agency.
Jones has said all along he’s making his coaching decision quickly. How quickly he does that will decide if Phillips remains. If Jones makes up his mind tonight or tomorrow, while he’s still upset over this loss, then Wade is as good as gone. But if he takes a couple days he’ll realize Wade has done enough to turn this team around and should give him another season to continue that trend.
There’s one other reason that Jones needs to take his time and let his emotions calm before making a decision and that’s a potential lockout in 2011. If Jones lets Phillips walk and signs a new coach he’ll be stuck paying that coach during that lockout (if it happens).
Yea, if he gives Wade the extension he’ll be stuck paying him too but there is a plus with that. Any lockout would reduce time players and coaches get to work together in the off-season. With Phillips still on the sideline, players will return afterward and still know the system in place. Phillips will also know the players returning and what they can do.
So is Phillips back on the hot seat? I’d say definitely but this is one time I’d say Jerry Jones needs to swallow his ego and keep the guy in town. And I can’t believe I’m saying that after all the times I said the ‘Boys should can his ass.
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