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article imageRon Paul: U.S. wants obedient servants, aid to Haiti won't help

By Andrew Moran     Jan 14, 2010 in Politics
Republican Congressman from Texas and 2008 Presidential candidate Ron Paul spoke with Russia Today to discuss the current state of the United States government.
For decades, Congressman Ron Paul has aforementioned the dangers of the expansion of the US government and its possible negative impact it may have on the American people. Once again, Dr. Paul discussed the current state of the US government with Russia Today. He first made the statement that “the greatest threat to a government is people who think for themselves.”
The author of “The Revolution: A Manifesto” and “A Foreign Policy of Freedom” went on to explain that once you condition people all day every day and depend on the government to think for them then they will become more obedient.
Paul has made the point that the US has spent tens of billions of dollars per year on intelligence to protect the country from terrorism but cannot do the job correctly, “Airlines should be responsible for who gets on their planes.”
The former 1988 and 2008 Presidential candidate added that the recent introduction of new technical systems at airports is just a way to make the American people “obedient servants of the state” to teach them that the government is in charge and tell US citizens what to do and to make sure they are robots and obey them.
“It’s not that individuals are perfect, it’s just that governments are always imperfect, they always make mistakes and when they do – they are very painful and they hurt each and every one of us.”
On the topic of the current economic crisis, Paul said it’s amazing that the US has moved away from its traditional stance of free market economics, while former communist countries are moving towards the direction of free markets.
“The economy should be micromanaged by the people, by the consumer. In the free market the consumer is king. But in the US, as in most countries in the world today, it is being micromanaged by the central government and central banks."
The twelve-term Congressman briefly added that sending tens of millions of dollars to Haiti in the wake of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake won’t solve their problems. Instead, if the US wanted to help Haiti then it would be to introduce them to sound economic policies so they don’t suffer from poverty.
He concluded the interview by stating that the US government is looking for another war in Yemen and that it’s a “disastrous continuation of the foreign policy of George Bush.”
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