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article imageNASA: Proof of Martians 'to come this year'

By Oliver VanDervoort     Jan 14, 2010 in Science
Leading NASA experts believe that final proof that Mars once had lifeforms residing on it, will be discovered in the coming year.
What would be a historic discovery will reportedly not occur on Mars, but rather from meteorites broken off of the Red Planet and have crashed here on earth.
David McKay, who is the chief of Astrobiology at NASA's Johnson Space Centre, says that powerful new microscopes as well as other advancements in scientific tools will be able to determine whether the martian meteorites contain fossils.
Two of the meteorites were found in Antarctica by Japanese and American science teams, and are thought to have landed here thousands of years ago. Now NASA is claiming that they have found colonies of micro-organisms inside these meteorites, and that their new tools will be able to determine whether features of the bits of Mars are made up of any foreign biological debris.
The NASA team believes the micro-organisms came to life underground on Mars approximately 3.6 billion years ago when the planet was much warmer and wetter with a much thicker atmosphere. It was about this time that simple life began forming on earth as well.
McKay told the website Spaceflight Now that while his team has not officially found proof of life on Mars, that they are 'very, very close to proving there is or has been life there'
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