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article imageMobile phone frequencies reverse Alzheimer’s in mice

By Paul Wallis     Jan 6, 2010 in Science
The years of debate about the effects of mobile phone use prompted a Florida researcher to see what effect the phone frequencies had on mice with Alzheimer's. Result, improved, healthier mice. It took a while, but the evidence is looking interesting.
This research has raised a lot of interesting possibilities regarding one of the world's uglier epidemic diseases. The problem with Alzheimer’s is build up of plaque on the brain. According to researcher Gary Arendash, a professor at the University of Southern Florida, the mice, hit with two hour bursts of 918 Mhz, erased their plaque.
That’s nowhere near out of the ballpark, because phone frequencies are forms of electromagnetic radiation, like heat, radio waves and light, and it may be that’s the “frequency” of the plaque, too. All substances react to some forms electromagnetic waves.
Arendash and his fellow researchers may have hit the jackpot, if they’ve found a way of attacking substances by "tuning" to frequencies that can remove foreign substances like that. The idea’s been around for a while, but as non-invasive, non-patient-killing methods go, this one’s got a lot of potential applications. Foreign substances in the body have a weak point; their thermal profile is different from that of normal tissue, by definition. You could use EM frequencies to target them with much less risk.
The reporting of scientific research sometimes blurs issues, and this case is no exception. The information regarding the research also includes this quote, which detracts somewhat from the information because it’s not quite a qualified statement:
Young adult mice with no apparent signs of memory impairment were protected against Alzheimer's disease after several months of exposure to the mobile phone waves, the study showed.
So they didn’t have a problem to start with, and continued not to have a problem. Not quite conclusive evidence of anything but punch-drunk proof readers or editors.
More impressive is this:
…And the memory levels of normal mice with no genetic predisposition for Alzheimer's disease were boosted after exposure to the electromagnetic waves.
Assuming the mice remembered they didn’t have to learn how to use phones, and weren’t billed, they’re obviously doing fine.
Arendash states tongue in cheek that he was expecting the exact opposite, that the phone frequencies would make the Alzheimer’s worse. Given the years of hysterical publicity phone frequency hazards have created, that may be the way to approach these scare campaigns.
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