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Greater Security for Inboard International U.S. Flights

By Michael Bearak     Jan 4, 2010 in Travel
The Transportation Security Administration has announced increased security measures will be taken on flights in-bound to the United States from a number of different countries.
In an effort to maintain a higher level of security the Transportation Security Administration has announced that they are taking additional procedures to ensure travel's safety. Set to begin Monday January 4th, TSA will be paying closer attention to inbound flights from Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Yemen.
The closer attention and security will mean enhanced screenings for passengers on those planes which will include pat-downs, body scans, and thorough searches of carry-on luggage.
The enhanced screenings will be for any passengers traveling from or through countries that are considered sponsors of terrorism or countries of "interest" in regards to terrorism. Much of this comes on the heels of the failed Christmas Day attempted bombing of an inbound U.S. flight and also comes a day after the security breach at Newark's airport.
The United State's State Department stated the countries beyond Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Yemen that are also considered sponsors of terrorism include, Cuba, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Pakistan, and Somalia.
TSA officials will also increase their random inspections and have been directed to inspect any person who is exhibiting suspicious looking behavior.
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