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article imageOp-Ed: The most anticipated entertainment in 2010

By David Silverberg     Jan 2, 2010 in Entertainment
It's easy to list what we loved about 2009, but what about the coming year? What films, albums and TV shows should get us salivating for 2010? Digital Journal profiles Burton's Alice in Wonderland, Lost's final season, Aguilera's return and more.
A new decade begins, new stars will be born. In 2010's entertainment menu, you'll be able to see young Hollywood actors take the reigns of a classic, you'll hear more chatter about the end of a TV super-series, and Christina Aguilera returns, with a lot of help from her friends.
We can't forget Tron's big comeback, and rumours about U2, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan gigging at one big British music fest. And you thought 2009 was exciting!
See Digital Journal's list for the entertainment highlights of 2010, in film, television and music.


Alice in Wonderland
In February, you'll soon be treated to trailer after trailer of another Tim Burton reworking, this time of Lew Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. Judging by the trailers, it looks eye-popping gorgeous, and Johnny Depp returns to co-star in another Burton mega-film. Alice is played by Mia Wasikowska, who could really use a breakout role right now (sorry, her time at Sophie wasn't that impressive). If all the Hollywood stars align, Mia could enjoy a very favourable 2010, Depp as the Mad Hatter will be another glorious performance and movie fans will revel in an inventive take on a classic.
Tron Legacy
2010 will bring us more superheros like The Green Hornet and Iron Man 2, but what about those simpler times? When racing in light-blade cars and stilted dialogue appeased sci-fi fanatics? Yes, Tron is making its long-awaited in comeback -- Tron Legacy is due for theaters in December 2010, complete with Jeff Bridges reprising his role and more CGI whirling around futuristic racetrack. Rest assured opening night will be chaos and costume-friendly.
The Social Network
We kid you not -- there is a movie coming out based on the story of Facebook. According to, the film is directed by David Fincher (Seven, Benjamin Button) and stars Jesse Eisenberg playing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. We don't think this will be an Oscar contender, but it has the potential to truly probe one of the most major cultural forces in our lives. Could a social media movie genre be far behind?


Lost's final season
Every great story must end. That's from the promo trailer for the sixth and final season for Lost, the ABC mainstay. Let's be honest -- whether you watched it or not, you can't deny Lost's influence on modern TV. Its threaded storylines, its cheeky clues, its tense cliff-hangers...Lost understood how to captivate an audience. In 2010, the show will cap off its run with what is hyped to be an explosive season. But will Lost pull a Michael Jordan and come out of retirement when the goin' gets tough?
Dexter, season five
Showtime's series about a killer of serial killers has enthralled fans for the past four seasons. Dexter's latest season ended with a punch in the gut we won't soon forget (don't worry, no spoilers here). So it's the upcoming fifth season that should truly wow us, even though trumping the fourth is a tall order. Will Dexter go up against a foe as formidable as the killer played by John Lithgow? Will Dexter's secret finally be revealed to his colleagues at Miami Metro Police?
Death Comes to Town
Not a familiar title? Then how about this name: Kids in the Hall. The Canadian skit-comedy masters are returning to CBC TV with a mystery-comedy called Death Comes to Town. All the guys are back, playing multiple characters, and the buzz is already building for these talented comedians. CBC desperately needs a hit TV show, and we're not counting Hockey Night in Canada. If the Kids begin to draw viewers, who knows what kind of touring they'll do? There's nothing like some live Kids in the Hall.
Death Comes to Town is the latest TV series by sketch comedians Kids in the Hall
Death Comes to Town is the latest TV series by sketch comedians Kids in the Hall


Christina Aguilera's untitled fourth album
Didn't think we'd include this songstress from the early 00s? Aguilera's fourth record doesn't sound like a ho-hum release; we'd like to see what comes from a more mature and worldly Christina Aguilera. Plus, she's collabing with the likes of M.I.A., Santigold, Sia, Goldfrapp, and Le Tigre, so it'll be interesting to discover what energetic mix we get from all this talent mish-mash. It could be chaotic, but we got our money down on Aguilera exceeding expectations.
Soundgarden reunion
This news is hot off the press -- former Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell tweeted that Soundgarden will tour in 2010. Sources tell Billboard the band is "weighing offers from several major U.S. and international festivals." A Soundgarden reunion could be huge (and not to revitalize grunge, which doesn't need a comeback). The musical prowess in this band is too good to waste, and a reunion could perk up the ears of the music industry and compel them to actually sign talented artists, not flakes like Justin Bieber. We'll keep you posted on any tour news.
U2 at Glastonbury
Say it ain't so -- U2, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan at one massive music fest? That's the word on the rock n' roll street concerning the Glastonbury Festival, Britain's biggest music festival going down on June 25. U2 is scheduled to perform there for the first time, and rumours are swirling about the Sunday night headliner. The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan are pegged as top choices, with Led Zeppelin thrown in the mix. Can you imagine the middle-aged rockers who'll be flocking to Glastonbury to see those legends live? And for the young'uns, it looks like Rihanna is dying to play at Glastonbury in 2010. Just don't invite Chris Brown too, fest organizers. (too soon?)
Let us know what entertainment you're looking forward to in 2010. Comment below and feel free to embed YouTube videos, too.
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