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Chicago cop allegedly tasered unconscious man 11 times

By Oliver VanDervoort     Jan 1, 2010 in Crime
Police officers from two Chicago suburbs are being sued after one of them allegedly Tasered a man having a seizure because the diabetic involuntarily hit the officer while being taken to an ambulance.
Prospero Lassi, a 40-year-old employee of Southwest Airlines, filed the lawsuit with a federal court last week. The suit details the April 9, 2009 encounter in which Lassi lost consciousness while in the grips of his diabetic seizure, and accidently struck a police officer, who then allegedly Tased Lassi a total of 11 times.
"Reacting to Mr. Lassi’s involuntary movement, one or more of the [officers] pushed Mr. Lassi to the ground, forcibly restraining him there," the suit states. "[LaGrange Park Officer Darren] Pedota then withdrew his Taser, an electroshock weapon that uses electrical current to disrupt a person’s control over his muscles, and electrocuted Mr. Lassi eleven times.
"Mr. Lassi remained immobile on the floor and was unable to defend himself during this attack. None of the other LaGrange and Brookfield Defendants attempted to interrupt Defendant Pedota's repeated use of the Taser."
Lassi's filing says that he had to spend five days in the hospital, and still sports scars from Taser burns on his body. The filing also contends that Lassi still has neurological and musculoskeletal damage from the repeated shocks.
Lassi is seeking punitive damages for battery, excessive force, and failure to intervene.
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