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article imageOp-Ed: New Years' Resolutions

By Michael Bearak     Jan 1, 2010 in Lifestyle
Every year people talk about their "New Years'" resolution. As if just because it is the start of a new year people feel compelled to make promises to be a better person.
Most people probably think this is going to be an op-ed piece where I just bash people who decide that because it is a New Year they feel the need to make some grandiose resolution. Actually I think I might be doing just the opposite.
If people realized that each and every day is a chance to do the right thing, to do it better than the did the day before then maybe, just maybe we can all live in a much happier world.
I used to work at a very population workout facility and starting today, January 1st each year we would have a stream of new members who would join and they would fill the fitness floor and the swimming pool for the first 6 weeks or so of the year. Then sometime in mid-February waking up early to go to the gym loses its excitement and the people just stop coming. So their resolution to lose weight falls by the side of the road.
Right now people are promising to be better people and that is admirable, but if we all changed the way we wanted to be every single day of the year there would be no reason for these amazing resolutions on January 1st.
I could sit hear today and say I am resolved to call President Obama out for every campaign promise he breaks, that would just irritate you my readers. Some of you are probably saying that I do that already, but really I do try and give him some benefit of the doubt, I have not walked a mile in his shoes, although I wouldn't mind shadowing him for a day or two.
Still, what I do every day as a writer here is that I report on what I see, hear and read and I share it with you all. Some of you agree, some of you disagree, while some refer to me as a right winged ultra-conservative tight-a%#, and you might be right. Every day though I am and have been committed to bringing that to you.
More importantly I am committed each and every day to be the most loving and dedicated husband and father to my girls. I don't need the start of a New Year to make that pledge, rather I want my daughter to grow up in a house where she sees the devoted love her Daddy has for her Momma. Every single day of every week in each month throughout the year. That is important because that will help to teach my child what to look for one day in a husband.
So it might be a New Year and there might be things about you that need to be changed, but don't do it because it is the start of another year, do it because you want to in your heart.
If you hate your job and are committed to getting a new one then do it because it is what is best for you and your family, not because we started a new calender today.
To everyone out there take inventory of what is important to you, of the people you love and treasure and let them know that each and every day. Shower them with your love and affection again because you want them to know that feeling.
Welcome to a new decade, a new year, a new month but in the simplest of terms welcome to just a new day, another opportunity to work at making yourself better, because you want to be better.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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