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Op-Ed: Common sense is not so common

By Andrew Moran     Dec 23, 2009 in Politics
For most of my academic days, I was told that marijuana prohibition is good, an interventionist foreign policy protects the country and helps those who can't help themselves and that government intervention in anything is great. Really?
Voltaire, my favorite French writer, once said, "Common sense is not so common." I can't help but agree.
Spending money you don’t have? Printing trillions of United States Federal Reserve notes? Invading other countries and telling them how to live? Prohibiting a lifestyle choice? Spying on others? Supporting a politician because he repeats rhetoric? Passing anti-trust laws, which does the exact opposite of its intent?
There are many fallacies in Washington, Ottawa and also many governments around the world, which supposedly do the good of the people. However, when one goes passed the red tape, passed the whole conservative versus liberal thing and many other aspects of someone’s political makeup, you start to realize that what you are told throughout your whole life could never be so wrong.
It is not that you are an idiot but it is simply the fact that you were told to believe something else throughout your entire educational career. Day in and day out you are bombarded with propaganda and mindless drones telling you how to think. In every aspect of the media, you are given false information, ballgames, sexual innuendoes and many other topics that divert from the truth.
There are so many issues in our daily life that need common sense but it is just not there because we have “others” who are so much smarter than us making bad decisions for us. In nearly every issue, there are double standards, double talk and other hypocritical talking heads, and not to mention bad decisions.
I will try to state my case with three topics:
1) Prohibition on Marijuana, even for medicinal use
Before anyone accuses me of being a pothead, let me first digress that I do not do drugs. I do not condone the use of any type of drug. That being said, I support anyone’s right to use it because it’s their lifestyle choice.
Prohibition does not work, the 1930s proved that to us. In fact, any industry that is heavily regulated or prohibited, such as drugs, gambling, firearms and alcohol, creates mafias or more criminals. We had Al Capone because the government banned alcohol. We have drug wars on the Mexico/USA border and in Afghanistan because drugs are illegal.
Drugs are a social medical problem not a criminal crisis. 60 per cent of all the “criminals” who touched marijuana never committed a crime such as: murder, robbery, rape, etc. The drug laws are also racist towards black people. 61 per cent of all drug offenders are African-Americans. The system is deliberate because it keeps the black people down and will never be egalitarian.
Moving on. What about medicinal marijuana? Many states have passed laws that give patients with cancer, for example, the right to smoke marijuana however; the government overrode those laws and put them in prison.
On a John Stossel special, he touched upon the fact that a man in California who opened a medicinal marijuana shop, with state government consent and approval, was charged and sent to prison for a hundred years. Does that make any sense? He ran a legitimate business with state approval, he was helping sick people and he was very strict in his business, meaning that no one could just get marijuana, they had to have a prescription, identification and the company would do a background check.
Has this drug war become this outrageous and idiotic? Yes.
2) Telling others how to live; a story on U.S. foreign policy
This has been the foreign policy of the United States since the U.S. and Britain installed the Shah of Iran. Why? Well, many reasons why; natural resources, nation-building, military-industrial complex (also other industrial complexes) and globalism.
The U.S. mainstream media foreign policy has been telling the American people for decades that they do this for “your” protection and that the “evil-doers” are out to get you because they’re jealous and envious of your freedoms and wealth. On a side note, none of us have freedom and rights. Rights are fictional and imaginary. Oh, and we definitely don’t have wealth, so why are they still after us?
Just never mind the fact that they resent the West because we’re on their land and telling them how to live. Why did the September 11th, 2001 attacks happen? Usama Bin Laden stated that the U.S. government`s full support of Israel, U.S. soldiers on holy land in Saudi Arabia, the U.S. government`s interventionist foreign policy and bombing Muslim lands (I.E. Iraq).
As of 2009, the United States is in 132 countries and has 700+ military bases. How does that defend America? How does having U.S. presence in South Korea for the last sixty years defend America? How does having U.S. soldiers in Germany since World War two protect America?
Eventually, the United States of America will have to withdraw from all 132 nations because of fiscal restraints. All great empires come to an end because of overstretching their military might in far parts of the world. Besides, it costs one trillion dollars per year to maintain the US foreign policy, which leads me to my next point.
3) Printing, borrowing, taxing and spending will lead to prosperity
A Keynesian economist would agree with the aforementioned bullet however, this is, once again, wrong. How does printing money help the economy? Any kindergarten student would know that once you have too much money on the market, it will turn into monopoly money. How does borrowing two billion dollars per day from China, Japan and Saudi Arabia help the economy? How would the government even begin to pay off that debt? I don`t even know how to answer that. How does taxing everyone to the fullest extent help the economy? Well, it helps the government. How does spending money you don`t have help the economy?
I will date back to the old Peter Schiff analogy: “It’s analogous to a man who loses his job and instead of getting another job, he gets a credit card and buys everything on that credit card and when he gets home he shows his wife their credit card statement and says, ‘Hi honey, look how great we’re doing.’”
When does a recession turn into a depression? When the government interferes.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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