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article imageIs College Worth It?

By KJ Mullins     Dec 23, 2009 in World
Every year new students race off to college for higher learning, late night cram sessions and keggers. Is the total dollar cost for post-secondary education worth it in the end?
Each year two million high school grads enroll into college. At the end of that year one out of three of them has decided to leave school life behind, that year was a total waste of $9 billion.
At the University of Connecticut a year at school costs $20,000 compared to Yale University ($47,55). At the end of four years it would make sense that the Yale grad would earn a lot more than the UC grad but the difference is not that large starting out. The median starting salary for a Yale grad is $56,000. The UC will generally see about $5,400 less a year starting out. It takes about 17 years before the difference in salary catches up between the two graduates.
Considering it takes most students six years to finish their degrees that difference in pay and the difference in student loan repayments is a huge difference.
The average student leaves school with much more than a diploma. They have about $3,100 in credit card debt, they owe the bank about $23,200 for their student loans which will take them over 10 years to pay off. They don't have the money to buy a house or have a family right away due to that debt. Chances 20 percent are exactly clear as to how much they owe since they have not figured out how to balance their checkbooks.
If you want to know what a news editorial is about you have a 50-50 chance of hearing it correctly from a college grad. Perhaps that is due to all the hours they spend studying each week they are in school. Those eight hours of study time requires over ten hours of partying to make it through the year.
The alcohol industry is doing well because of college students. Those future leaders spend over $5.5 billion a year on alcohol. 1700 don't make it out of a college year alive due to alcohol related deaths.
Going to college means taking high level courses like Art of Walking (Centre College), Arguing With Judge Judy (U.C. Berkeley) or the ever popular Maple Syrup (Alfred U).
After getting a social science, psychology, communications or English degree graduates often toil as retail store managers, customer service reps and administrative assistants. ( Much like their friends who decided to go straight to work out of high school)
So is it worth it for the average student to go onto college? It may well depend on what kind of career a person is aiming for. If a student wants to be a doctor than yes the high cost of university is required. If a student wants to work at Starbucks? Well, who can discount the four years of partying that gets them the degree that allows them to ask if you want a Grandë?
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