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article imageOp-Ed: A Life Cut Short

By Michael Bearak     Dec 22, 2009 in Sports
The passing of Chris Henry hopefully causes all of us to pause and reflect on what could have been, what had been and what was in the life of this young man.
At first when I heard of the accident of Chris Henry couldn't place who he was on the Cincinnati Bengals' team. Then as I read the early reports I realized he was the troubled wide receiver who was out with a broken arm. As I let that set in I remembered that after his last suspension he and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had met and Henry had promised to be a better example within the NFL.
After that he was the perfect player, employee and to a degree a role model.Truly Henry was a man you couldn't judge solely by his past, you had to look at the current and even the future that he was laying out for himself.
No one will ever know what the fight was about that caused his fiancee to drive off in a pick-up truck and for him to jump in the back which eventually led to his demise. Honestly it doesn't matter either.
Henry and his fiancee had two children together and he was helping to raise a child of hers as well. He had committed himself to being married, and in early 2010 the couple was to take their vows.
On the field it was easy for him to behave, even though he led the team in average yards per catch, he was heavily overshadowed by his teammate and friend, Chad Ochocinco. That was okay for Henry too, he didn't have to have the spotlight, it was fine for him to just go out on the field and do his business.
Henry had made true on his promise to his family, the commissioner, and most importantly to himself. He was staying out of trouble. It looked like he had turned a corner in his life. All season he has been a shining example of what a professional player should be.
In the end Henry left the world one last gift showing his maturity and instance to be a better person. He donated his organs and corneas for people in need. He understood that there was more to life than just football, there was a wife, family, and community that he was part of and that was not lost on the young Chris Henry.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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