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article imageOnly way to be safe when it comes to domestic violence, escape

By KJ Mullins     Dec 19, 2009 in Crime
It doesn't matter where you live. Domestic violence is a part of the culture. The screams, the fear, the pain sound the same. There is only one cure, leaving the situation.
The videos that are with this article are graphic and may not be suitable for all viewers.
Domestic violence
does not just affect those who are being beaten, the children who grow up listening to a parent's abuse are scarred by each image ingrained onto them.
Girls who live in homes of domestic violence are more apt to pick mates that will be violent to them.
Boys are more apt to be violent themselves.
The cycle does not end without help. Help can come in many forms, from counseling to a concerned person alerting the authorities when they see domestic violence.
Often a person trapped in the cycle can not help themselves escape. You can be their voice. Silence kills.
Society has come a long way with informing people about the crisis but violence is a way of life for far to many families.
If you feel that you are trapped in a cycle of violence there are ways to escape. Try to gather paperwork when it is safe to do so, important papers include birth certificates of you and your children, health insurance information and cards and a list of important phone numbers. Of course if your live is in danger do not wait to grab papers.
Call the police as soon as you are safely away from the location. The police will help get you to safety.
When you are in a situation that you can not escape try to avoid being in an area that is sound proof. Scream if you can safely do so. It has been proved that screaming fire brings more action than any other word.
Have a code word for those who are close to you that will alert them to your danger. Use it.
If you have a cell phone try to carry it with you at all times.
Almost two of every three violence victims knew their attacker. Almost six times as many women were close to their attackers than those who were victims of stranger attacks.
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