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Study: Baby-faced people live longer

By Wang Fangqing     Dec 18, 2009 in Health
Baby-faced people look cute and young, and they even live longer, according to a new study released by Danish researchers at the British medical journal (BMJ).
According to researchers, people who look younger than their real age are likely to have a long life span, regardless of gender and environment, reports the BBC.
The study was launched in 2001, when Danish researchers conducted physical and cognitive tests on more than 1,800 pairs of twins over aged 70, and took pictures of their faces. After asking three groups of people who didn't know the twins' real ages to guess how old they were, researchers then tracked how long the twins survived over seven years. It turned out the older-looking twin often died first.
A possible biological explanation is related to telomere, a key DNA component linked to aging. People who look naturally young tend to have longer telomeres to slow down aging, while people with shorter telomeres usually age faster.
"Perceived age, which is widely used by clinicians as a general indication of a patient's health, is a robust biomarker of ageing that predicts survival among those aged over 70," the researchers told BMJ.
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