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article imageJames Inhofe: Copenhagen conference has failed

By Andrew Moran     Dec 17, 2009 in Politics
Republican Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe said on Thursday that there will be no agreement at the Copenhagen conference and that it "has failed."
The environmental community is still in a tiff when it comes to Climategate and has been a highly anticipated discussion on radio and television shows. Since the Climategate story came out, many skeptics and proponents of man-made global warming have kept their eyes on the Copenhagen Climate conference, even Republican Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe.
Inhofe, who is the top Republican on the Environment and Public Works Senate Committee, attended the Copenhagen conference, according to CNN, and came to the conclusion that no deal will be met and it has pretty much “failed.”
However, the Washington Independent reports that Inhofe spent just two hours in Denmark to deliver a quick drive-by press conference that was intended to give his perspective and the other side of the debate after two manmade climate change proponents, Senators John Kerry and Barbara Boxer, gave their viewpoints.
The manmade global warming skeptic, Inhofe, continued that the cap-and-trade legislation has no chance of passing the Senate and added, “My stated reason for attending Copenhagen was to make certain the 191 countries attending COP-15 would not be deceived into thinking the US would pass cap-and-trade legislation.” Inhofe further said that it’s a good thing for the American people and the US economy.
Foreign Policy notes that Inhofe explained in his press conference about the filibuster and that the Senate only has 44 votes as opposed to the 60 they need, “Here we are six years later, and nothing has changed: cap-and-trade failed in 2003, it failed in 2005, and it failed in 2008. As we look ahead, an economy-wide cap-and-trade bill stands no chance of passing. I want to be sure the 191 countries understand this: again, an economy-wide cap-and-trade bill stands no chance of passing."
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