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Op-Ed: Copenhagen- Too hard, and the media runs away again

By Paul Wallis     Dec 16, 2009 in Internet
Too scared to read the news, or can’t find a vertebrate news source? There it was, all over the headlines. Then it wasn’t. Copenhagen, after the utter failure to even address basic issues, fell off the front pages like a dying cockroach off a fridge.
Even the gutless rabid online prophets won’t touch the subject. But why would they? Like the US financial collapse, whenever there’s real bad news, everyone retreats into tabloid mode.
A gun has been held to the heads of the 5 year old generation, the trigger has been pulled, and anything else is the big news.
What a pitiful collection of cowards the human race really is. Fear is natural, but running away from your beliefs is more than fear. All the endlessly verbose, sycophantic, pompous principles don’t translate into anything in the real world. The fearless upholders of the sanctity of journalistic integrity don't seem to be up in arms, either.
Social failure is now the norm, and Copenhagen is simply reflecting that fact. Particularly in “news media”. Yesterday, the embarrassing reality had disappeared off most local papers. Obama will get coverage, but not much else, from the look of this vacuum of information. The New York Times had a one liner link to its feature coverage, and that was about it. The BBC was still covering it in public, but it’s actually a public medium, not a boutique dating site like most news media. (Interesting how MSM seems to naturally gravitate over time to failed business models after they've already been proved to fail.) The BBC probably have some quaint notion that they're there to report news, not lingerie.
What, couldn’t find any publicists to give the illusion of coverage? Well, bunnies, while you were searching for Kleenex, the president of Copenhagen resigned, and there were more clashes. Oh yeah, and there’s an actual, money-backed deal to save the rainforests, (another NYT one liner) but you wouldn’t want to know about that.
Other sources, which no longer pretend to be covering news, and wish they were Who magazine, did the usual thing: “People don’t want to read this, so we’ll stick Tiger or some other name on the front.” There was a time when people got news whether they liked it or not, but those days are long gone.
You can now be taken seriously as a news source if you’re doing gossip. These descendants of countless generations of credulous cretins couldn’t process information if they got it with a spoon, and they’re handling the world’s information.
Scratch a news source, and you’re more likely to get an accountant than a journalist. Ever since MSM went under its bottom line, it’s been hiring more financial experts than people able to produce information, and this is the result.
Real news media covers real news, not the puerile progress of some celebrity clown’s genitalia. That belongs on the obituary pages, with finance and education.
Some traditions are still alive, even if the “liberal” (liberal according to whom, Hitler?) media is cowering like singed mice behind non-news. FOX is covering scare scenarios for environmental issues and bimbos, apparently. Nice to know democracy’s still working somewhere, however bizarrely.
Which is it going to be, gerbil droppings? News or gutless evasion? They’re not the same thing.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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