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article imageOp-Ed: Obama Gives Himself High Marks

By Michael Bearak     Dec 14, 2009 in Politics
Oprah Winfrey sat down with the President and Mrs. Obama to tour the White House all decorated for Christmas. She also decided to see where the President graded his progress.
President Obama once again showed his "audacity" when he was asked to grade himself by Oprah Winfrey on Sunday nights televising on ABC of the "Christmas at the White House" and felt he had earned a B+ grade.
Gordon Chan of Digital Journal reported the hard facts of this story which appeared all over the Internet today. The comments that accompany Chan's article speak for themselves as various individuals felt compelled to comment on the latest level of "audacity" shown by our 11 month old president.
Evidently taking over the banking and car and working on getting the health care industry while having the lowest ranking of any president in their first 11 months and running up the deficit while bypassing the check and balance system of government through his numerous Czars is okay and worth of a "B+."
While the show was to touchy, feely warm, Winfrey tried to pass herself off as a hard nosed journalist by asking the tough question of the president. Listening to it on TV last night made me laugh the question should have been served up by a second-grader for his school paper it was such an under-hand softball pitch.
Of course the Obama wouldn't give him an "A" because there is still that little issue of health care reform that is hitting more and more snags in the Senate. Once he is able to take over the health care industry, control banking, the auto industry and continue to push for additional economic bailouts he can give himself an "A" because he will have single handily moved the Democracy of the United States to a socialist system.
What about Congress you ask? What about them? Neither Pelosi or Reid want to be the one who "fails" to measure up as a Democrat for their new leader and so far Pelosi has held her own and gotten a health care bill through the House and now it is in Reid's hand.
Reid and Pelosi will do anything the president wants, after all he is their president. As we have seen anyone who disagrees with the president's goals and ambitions will be marked a racist and someone who doesn't believe in the over all good of the American People.
Wake up call America, debt is bad! President Obama is driving us into deeper debt and he is blaming the Republicans for what he inherited. Did he inherit problems, ABSOLUTELY. Has Obama made it worse, ABSOLUTELY. Since Democrats favor larger government a country that is in trouble only gave him the excuse or scape-goat if you will to run up further debt to expand the reach of the government and to allow future generations, including his own children, to have to clean-up the mess he has made.
Unemployment continues to grow, but hey he created a bunch of jobs within his own government with Czars like Van Jones who answer directly to him and work outside the lines of succession in that they have direct access to him but no constitutionally granted power. Big government is putting a bigger burden on the tax dollars of the American People.
He plans to tax people who make over $250 thousand per year, because they aren't taxed enough already... Now with health care if you don't take it, you don't pay for it then you are going to be taxed again as well. Oh, and to help with that the middle class is going to be taxed.
He has failed the American people by failing to get the Justice Department or Eric Holder to do a proper and thorough investigation of ACORN. When Representative Joe Wilson blurted out "Liar" to the president during a joint session of Congress, he was censured and rightfully so. Just the same Reid comes out a week ago and categorizes the Senate Republicans as people who fought the end of slavery because they are digging their heels in to slow down and look deeper at health care reform.
The President wants that health care reform past by the end of the year, he wants his "A" so his method as the puppeteer pulling the strings of the White House, Senate, and House wants to push his reforms through just as he did with an economic stimulus package earlier this year. He doesn't want Congress to know what all is inside the documents, he wants to push and rush and get things passed.
I remember when I used to work on projects and I used to rush them and turn them in...I usually didn't as high of marks as when I spent my time and really worked hard on the project to make it the best possible piece I could. I think any teacher in our education system would agree with that if you asked one. Maybe President Obama needs to sit down with one of his daughter's teachers and get there feeling on rushing things...
After-all we aren't going anywhere, if health care doesn't pass till next spring, people are still going to need it and still going to use it. Wouldn't it be better to get it done right the first time?
Good luck Mr. President. Enjoy your air time with your buddy Oprah, as you put your arm around her and show her the resolute desk. The same desk where you yourself talk about signing letters to the families of our fallen soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan and the weight you feel when you are doing that. How important it is to not rush things, just like you took your time authorizing more troops to Afghanistan.
When you're time as President is up and you decide to write your third book maybe it should be titled, "The Hypocrisy of a Socialist Preaching Democracy."
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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