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article imageSeaflora's Rod Mulholland explains the importance of seaweed Special

By KJ Mullins     Dec 12, 2009 in Health
The sea produces an amazing product that can hasten healing and keep the human body at top top. Seaweed, a sea vegetable, has long been known to be an important ingredient to good health.
On Saturday Kalena's in Toronto hosted Seaflora's expert Rod Mulholland to show their clients the Seaflora product line along with a free foot treatment. Digital Journal took the opportunity to learn more about how seaweed is beneficial for health and skin care.
Seaflora is a Canadian company that hand-harvests seaweed along the west coast. One of their experts, Rod Mulholland was doing individual foot treatments for the clients at Toronto's Kalena Aroma Boutique and SPA promoting not only his company's line of skin care products but educating those who were treated about the minerals in seaweed and their healing powers.
Seaweed is very much like the human body, in fact the 56 trace elements found in the ocean and seaweed run through the human body. When those minerals are diminished in the human body there is a breakdown. The immune system needs the minerals found in the ocean and seaweed, making seaweed one of nature's great healing agents.
The trace minerals from the ocean Mulholland told Digital Journal have been used for health benefits since ancient times and still in most of the world, excluding North America. Seaweed is used in North America in burn units at this time, promoting healing of the skin.
Mulholland said that Canada's seaweeds are some of the best in the world. While there has been recent concerns about the contamination of the ocean, seaweed is one of the cleanest products that is in nature. Seaweed cleanses the ocean, converting poisons in the ocean to a salt.
Because seaweed is a vegetable it is very rarely an allergen. Those with seafood allergies do not have to worry that eating or using seaweed products will endanger them Mulholland said. The healing power of seaweed is not only for on the skin's surface but as a food source as well. Many cultures that use seaweed in their diet have a much lower incidence of cancer than is found in North America. It is thought that seaweed could be a part of this.
I have experienced in the past skin problems and very dry skin. The treatment I experienced was refreshing and very soothing to my dry skin. I was impressed by Mulholland's knowledge of seaweed. He was on top of every question I poised to him, from the food aspect to the areas of the body that benefit from using skin products made from pure seaweed extracts.
Mulholland said that the skin absorbs the minerals from the skin care line feeding the entire body. Seaflora uses a wide variety of seaweeds for their products, from the brown Alaria to the bluish iridescent Iridaea Cordata. All of the seaweeds are harvested in the lowest carbon footprint possible.
Seaflora s Rod Mulholland
Seaflora's Rod Mulholland
Seaflora is committed to the environment. They only use indigenous ingredients, further reducing any carbon emissions. From their bags that hold the products (made from 100% corn) to the lowest gas-emission boats used in the actual harvesting of seaweed Seaflora works to give their 'green' clients a product they can feel good about using.
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