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article imageSexting Seniors Set New Trend

By Carol Forsloff     Dec 12, 2009 in Lifestyle
While some people were surprised to learn their teens might be sharing sexy photos on phones and the Web, how much more surprising is it that some seniors are doing the same? In fact recent polls claim 10 percent engage in "sexting."
The website Last Laugh shares this information, but it's more than tongue-in-cheek as the phenomenon is verified by other sources as well. Suffice to say Grandma might be hoping to lure some lover through sizzling photos of herself. The Last Laugh shares the story of an 83-year-old who is referred to as Gertrude who admits to sending nude photos in order to appeal to the opposite sex.
Nudity may not be thought of as a characteristic way of sharing after a certain age, but senior calendar girls over the years have found sex sells at almost any age. A group of senior women started the craze back in 2003 with a nude calendar discussed on a senior website. These senior women found the whole thing entertaining and fun. The project was called: "A Celebration of Mature Women."
It was done on behalf for LifeSpan Services Inc., a nonprofit senior services organization. Young women sent copies of the calendar to their mothers, exclaiming that it wasn't too late for mature women to show their bare bodies and consider them beautiful.
The body bare naked as beauty is espoused by nudist organizations as a way of being comfortable with oneself without shame. They include folks of all ages in the philosophy but many show pictures of young bodies to communicate it. But older folk in the buff as naked using public communication devices? Sexting for seniors, according to those who have examined the issue, is something extraordinary but may be a growing trend at the same time. Some seniors, it seems, won't sit idly by and let young beauties dominate the new way of communicating desirability, through sexting.
NBC news weighed in on the growing trend of sexting and seniors. One woman, Midge Callaghan, 65, shares her story of sexting with her husband of 15 years to maintain the spice in the relationship. A divorced fellow, Bob Wiseman, finds it a way to get into the dating game in the digital age. He maintains, according to NBC, that sexting, " just made it really interesting," Then he added,. "And fun!"
Sexting involves sharing sexually oriented texts and photos with other folks, usually over digital phones and computer websites. Now that Grandma and Grandpa are doing it, the issue is more than just the phenomenon of age or stage but of finding ways at all ages of communicating a certain interest and flirting in a daring way as well.. And this new way of sexual sharing seems spicy enough to continue according to those involved, including seniors..
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