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article imageOfficial: KGB had Hitler's remains destroyed

By Oliver VanDervoort     Dec 11, 2009 in World
The remains of Adolf Hitler were burned in 1970 by Soviet KGB agents and thrown into a river in Germany on direct orders from the spy agency's chief, a top Russian security official said this week.
According to, the head archivist of Russia's successor to the KGB, the Federal Security Service (FSB) has for the first time confirmed what Russia's intelligence organization did with the former Nazi dictator.
Formerly secret documents that have recently been released by Russia show that the former head of the KGB with a blessing from communist party higher ups ordered the destruction of the remains of Hitler, his lover Eva Braun, Joseph Goebbels and Goebbels' entire family.
According to General Vasily Khristoforov the KGB ordered the destruction of the remains because they feared that eventually the burial sites of the Nazi bigwigs would end up being a place a worship for supporters of the fascist ideals
The operation was carried out by hand picked KGB operatives, removing the bodies which had secretly been buried in East Germany on February 21st, 1946.
"The remains were burnt on a bonfire outside the town of Shoenebeck, 11 kilometers away from Magdeburg, then ground into ashes, collected and thrown into the Biederitz River," one of the files documenting the operation reads, according to Khristoforov.
The bodies of Goebbels and his wife were found on May 2nd, 1945 in the garden of the Reich Chancellery. The bodies of the couple's children were recovered the next day, and the bodies of Hitler and Braun were found three days later on May 5th in a crater from an artillery shell outside his bunker in Berlin.
In early June of 1945, the Soviets buried the collection of bodies in a forest near the German town of Rathenau, and eight months later reburied the bodies in Magdeburg in a Russian garrison.
When the Russians decided to turn over the garrison to East German authorities in 1970, they decided to do away with the bodies once and for all. The thinking behind this was that as long as the burial place was completely controlled by the Russian military, they could keep the bodies a secret, but when the garrison was turned over, the decision not to rebury the bodies was made.
Khristoforov told that now all that remains of Hitler's corpse are fragments of his jawbone and skull, and those items are kept in Russia.
"Hitler's jaw is kept at the FSB archives, and the fragments of Hitler's skull are at the State Archive. There are no other parts of Hitler's body apart from these samples seized on May 5, 1945." The General said.
"Everything [else] that remained of Hitler was burnt in 1970," he added. "Those fragments are ... the only documented evidence of Hitler's death, which is why they are kept at the Russian FSB Central Archive as being particularly valuable."
The first declaration that Russia held a piece of the former German ruler's skeleton was in 2000 when they exhibited a piece of a skull, complete with a bullet hole at a World War II museum exhibit.
At that time, Sergei Mironenko, head of the Russian State Archives, told CNN that he is absolutely confident that the skull was authentic, and that numerous documents backed up the government's claim.
"Those documents provide convincing proof that all those speculations that Hitler could have survived and escaped, that he could have had plastic surgery, are absolutely groundless. He was a totally depressed man who was incapable of making political or any other kinds of decisions. He understood that his bunker, the crater [where he was found dead], would become his last refuge. And that's exactly what happened," Mironenko said.
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