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article imageSir Richard Branson makes history offering space travel

By Kassandra Garcia     Dec 7, 2009 in Science
Sir Richard Branson has made history again with his Virgin Galactic Company. Space tourism is here and making a new benchmark in space exploration and scientific discovery.
Throughout history the technology used in air traffic (planes and space travel) transportation has evolved so much that we have gone from flying across the Atlantic Ocean to walking on the Moon. Today marks another day in history for traveling the world and beyond. With talk of tourism reaching space and prototypes being build, Sir Richard Branson is making another mark in history with White Knight Two, his space craft.
In an interview earlier today with CNN, Branson said that the first flights will being within 18 months. The cost is $200,000 per ticket for a space craft that only holds 6 passangers and 2 pilots. In order to get a ticket, a prospective tourist must first make a deposit of $20,000 just to gain access to the wait list. Right now, there are nearly 80,000 names on the list. However, who will be the first to travel out of this world as a civilian? Sir Richard Branson, his wife, children and his own mother. Only fitting that the man who made it possible be able to enjoy the knowledge of being the first.
What is to come after the world gets to vacation in space? Branson's new goals are to use the technology created in the White Knight project to make "earth travel" faster and more economic. A plane ride from coast to coast that only takes a few hours, and we got excited when they started playing movies for those long trips.
People who get the chance to travel into space will experience Zero-G (zero gravity), space travel and seeing earth from miles above the surface. The down side of all this is that most people, even astronauts, get sick in zero-gravity. That means people are paying $200,000 to throw-up in space. Oh the advancing we make and what people will really pay for.
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