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North Korean border guards given order of shoot-to-kill

By Andrew Moran     Dec 7, 2009 in World
The government of North Korea has given its border guards the license to kill anyone who attempts to cross the border without proper authorization.
Anyone who tries to cross the border without proper authorization from the North Korean government can be shot by border guards, according to Press TV. The North Korean government has given its border guards the proper authority the license to kill.
South Korean media outlets are reporting this latest move by the government is to prevent North Koreans from fleeing the country. Most believe middle-class Koreans would escape to China.
The latest decision comes after North Korea’s reform of its currency, which many view it as a massive devaluation that could possibly wipe out savings across the nation, reports the BBC. Thousands of people are trying to buy as many goods as they can while the currency still has some value.
Public officials within Pyongyang have told the public this will help tackle inflation and increase the government’s control over the population. They also say this will help the Pyongyang government restrict free markets in the country.
All this comes the same week where a group of activists and North Korean defectors urged human rights groups and the international community to investigate the government’s human rights abuses and violations, according to the Associated Press.
Lead activist Ha Tae-keung told the media on Thursday, “Our aim is to get the arrest warrant on Kim Jong Il to be issued. North Korea's crimes against humanity are no less serious than Sudan's."
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