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article imageOp-Ed: Bicycles for America?

By Richard Ivan Cronkhite     Dec 6, 2009 in Science
We need a serious presentation from the President of the United States in Copenhagen next week. We cannot let Afghanistan or Iran distract our governments from the effects of our emissions on global warming.
"Christ, back in Chicago, we don't make bicycles any more. It's all human relations now. The eggheads sit around trying to figure out new ways for everybody to be happy. Nobody can get fired no matter what; and if somebody does accidentally make a bicycle, the union accuses us of cruel and inhuman practices and the government confiscates the bicycle back for back taxes and gives it to a blind man in Afghanistan."
Kurt Vonnegut. 1963. "Bicycles for Afghanistan". Cat's Cradle p. 89.
Carl Sagan published a work with Richard Turco on the effects that man could have on our planet's weather and temperatures in his seminal work, "Nuclear Winter: A Path Where No Man Thought". Work described therein precisely predicted what we are seeing today as an effect of increased CO2 concentrations in our atmosphere. You don't even need to travel to a coastline to see the effects of global warming. The daily "low temperatures" have already increased in most regions of the world, just as their model predicted. But people continue to argue that the models are faulty. It is scary. "Climate gate" itself is the only hoax. Scientists say that they have had a hard time explaining why temperatures have not rose as predicted in the last decade. It is simple enough, the ice is melting at a rate FASTER than their earlier models had predicted. Flooding in Europe has become uncontrollable and surely this will be seen on the coasts of the United States as the glaciers are beginning to melt at a rate faster than that even predicted by climate scientists. It is already firmly believed that in 50 years there will no longer be polar bears in the Artic. A bonanza for Grizzly bears? - Unlikely
"I didn't want to sell my camels but my camels couldn't take it any more."
A salt-trader in Timbuktu, Mali on why he switched to a gasoline powered truck. BBC. 12.3.2009.
Let us not forget who led us into Afghanistan, just before he manufactured a ridiculous WMD report for Iraq. That leader was an incompetent Texan who ignored the advice of President William Jefferson Clinton about Osama Bin Laden. The neoconservative machine of Donald Rumsfeld also has its roots in Chicago politics and these same leaders refused to make significant movement on the global warming problem. And right under their noses Wall Street and the economy collapsed from corruption and mismanagment paralyzing much of Washington, D.C.!
"Get it while you can"
Janis Joplin
We need a serious presentation from the President of the United States in Copenhagen next week. Greenhouse gas emissions must be drastically reduced immediately along with a stong committment toward future reductions. If the ice is melting at a rate faster than anyone predicted, we may also see a change in ocean currents faster than they predict. The current models predict catastrophic effects of changes to the currents on sea life and the ocean. Anoxia in our oceans will change life on this planet altogether, perhaps even making it uninhabitable for man. "People, be reasonable". If you have to "lead the leaders".
See: "Oceanic Anoxia and the End Permian Mass Extinction". Paul B. Wignall and Richard J. Twitchett
Science 24 May 1996 272: 1155-1158 [DOI: 10.1126/science.272.5265.1155] (in Reports)
Effects of man on earth
Copenhagen targets
Other global warming casualties 10 list
"When the soldier rides into danger he has comrades by his side, his country's
cause to defend, his uniform to vindicate, and the bugle to cheer him
on; but this solitary rider had neither military station, nor an oath
of allegiance, nor comrades, nor bugle; and he went among men of unknown
languages, alien habits and hostile faith with only his own tact and
courage to help him through. They proved sufficient, for he returned
Around the World on a Bicycle. Volume I. "From San Francisco to Teheran". By Thomas Stevens. Forward by Thomas Wentworth Higginson. Cambridge, Mass, April 10, 1887.
In consideration of England's role in "Climategate", it might also be worth noting that the bicycle and pneumatic tire were invented there. Volume II of Around the World on a Bicycle is entitled: "From Teheran To Yokohama". What a suggestive ending.
"Here, I beg leave to hope that the courtesies then so warmly extended may find an echoing response in this long record of the adventures that had their beginning and ending at the Golden Gate."
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