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article imageOp-Ed: A Christmas Wish List

By David Zublick     Dec 6, 2009 in Politics
I've made my list and checked it twice. As we approach Christmas 2009, here are some of the things this conservative proudly hopes for in the new year.
I wish that the war on one of the most sacred and revered holidays would cease. I'm referring to Christmas. The secularists who have inserted something into the Constitution which does not exist, namely a separation of church and state, are trying to destroy something which the vast majority of Americans celebrate: the birth of Jesus Christ. Idiots like Erik Brown, principal of Walsh Elementary School in Waterbury, Connecticut, who has banned Christmas and replaced it with the celebration of winter, should be run out of town on a rail. It's time for parents to take a stand by either confronting school officials and demanding that they stop this crap, or pull their kids out of the public education system and put them in private schools or home school them.
I wish that the health care bill will die a horrible death. It is a trillion dollar debacle that will force private insurers out of business, run good people out of the medical profession, and socialize this country. You want to save health care? Allow insurance companies to sell across state lines.
I wish that the hackers who exposed the fraud of global warming be given a ticker tape parade on Wall Street. I wish that Barbara Boxer, who has called for a criminal investigation of those who brought the truth to light, gets a lump of coal in her stocking, and a liberal dose of "shut up".
Al Gore should crawl back under his rock and stay there, after giving back his Nobel prize and his Oscar.
I wish that our troops will be given everything they need to finish the mission in Afghanistan. Barack Obama, by his dithering, has endangered the lives of the fine men and women serving in our military. He should be ashamed of hanging them out to dry and using them as photo ops.
I wish that Obama's birth certificate surfaces and proves that he is not a natural born citizen. This guy is a usurper to the Oval Office.
I wish that somehow, some way, we find Osama bin Laden and kill him.
I wish that the decision to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the four other plotters of the 9/11 terror attacks is reversed. The United States should not be put on trial, and these guys should not be allowed to spew their venom against this nation.
I wish that the anger that spawned the tea parties and the town hall meetings will continue unabated through the midterm election cycle and result in a bloodletting at the polls come next November.
I wish that Barack Obama will be a lame duck, one term president who disappears and is never, ever heard from again.
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