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article imageHistory Channel to visit the Don Jail hangman's remains

By KJ Mullins     Dec 2, 2009 in World
Under the cold hard ground of the Don Jail in Toronto the remains of prisoners were discovered in 2007 by Dr. Ron Williamson and his team from Archaeological Services Inc.
The recovered bones were part of history. The Don Jail was where a noose swung for criminals during before 1932.
On Sunday the tale of how modern science and yesterday's criminal will come to life on History Television. The History Network's presentation of Hangman's Graveyard follows the team of archaeologists as they looked for the remains of 15 men who swung from the gallows between 1880 and 1932.
The prisoners whose last view was from the hangman's noose were often buried mere feet from where their last breath occurred.
Their bones were discovered by a team that was breaking ground for construction on Bridgepoint Health's additions.
As each body was discovered the process begun to identify the remains and give the 15 criminals a new resting place.
City News reported in 2007 on the find:
"Our team found five grave shafts," Ron Williamson said a day after making the discovery. "We have now investigated three of those and have found evidence of three people in those grave shafts."
The Don Jail executed prisoners until 1976 when capital punishment was abolished in Canada.
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