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Google Blocking 'ClimateGate' Autosuggestion

By Johnny Simpson     Dec 1, 2009 in Internet
Despite the fact that the term ClimateGate now generates over 13,000,000 hits on Google, the search engine's autosuggest feature for that term is blocked, and appears to have been since the beginning of the scandal.
Earlier tonight, I did a search of the term ClimateGate on Google. As of 4:35 AM EST when I entered that term, the autosuggest feature asked "did you mean climate guatemala or climate guatemala city?"
I found that astounding, given that the scandal has been raging across the globe for nearly a week now. I have since discovered that the term ClimateGate now surpasses the term Global Warming by nearly 3,000,000 hits, at 13,100,000. Global Warming is at 10,400,000 hits, yet there are over a dozen autosuggestions for that search term. Granted, ClimateGate is a much newer term, but by sheer traffic and volume it should have an autosuggestion of its own by now, if not a dozen as with CRU or IPCC.
After digging a little deeper, I have found that the Moonbattery and Washington Examiner blogs have been reporting on this curious anomaly for at least three days now, yet Google has still not added the term to its autosuggest feature. Also, it appears the missing autosuggestion for ClimateGate is not the only mysterious event regarding that scandal taking place on Google. There has been yet another Google controversy regarding Christopher Booker's Guardian UK article on the scandal vanishing into the ether, which Search Engine Land is now calling GoogleGate. Strangely enough, the term GoogleGate, which is now generating over 10,000 hits, IS in the autosuggest feature, though that term appears to have been around for years in a different context outside of ClimateGate.
UPDATE: Terry Hurlbut of the Washington Examiner, who first reported on this situation on November 29, stated that as of 5:45 PM EST that day the problem had been resolved, and that ClimateGate came up with only a partial word search entry. Yet as of the time I write this, that autosuggestion is no longer present. I will update this post should the autosuggestion reappear, or should Google make a statement regarding it.
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