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article imageOp-Ed: Serena Williams Fined $82,500

By Michael Bearak     Nov 30, 2009 in Sports
Serena Williams received her penalty today for Grand Slam Administrator Bill Babcock. Williams was fined $82,500 and put on a two-year probation.
Finally someone has taught one of these spoiled athlete's a lesson, I think. While $82,500 against a years earnings of over $9 million doesn't seem much, Serena Williams has to watch her behavior for the next two years as she is also on probation. Hey the people at the Grand Slam are not messing around. The U.S. Tennis Association fined her $10,000 in September right there on court-side when her profanity laced outburst happened. So in total she was fined $92,500 along with that probation.
Bill Babcock, who is the Grand Slam Administrator, made sure to point out that should Williams have another outburst in what they categorize as a "major offense" that $82,500 fine would be increased to $175,000 and she would be barred from the next U.S. Open.
It doesn't seem like anyone is coming to Williams' aid to as the U.S.T.A. released a statement that they support the decision of the Grand Slam, and while they look forward to having her back on the court next year they would not argue with the amount of the fine or the probation.
Frankly it is about time too as too many pro-athletes feel they can act however they please and treat people rudely. It is nice to see that the "gentleman's sport" has reacted so strongly to not only condemn such action but to also do far more than just slap Serena Williams on the wrist.
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