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Op-Ed: College Football Season Not Quite Over

By Michael Bearak     Nov 25, 2009 in Sports
The 2009 regular season is wrapping up this weekend, after which there will be conference championships and then bowl games.
The 2009 season has been only somewhat interesting as we have seen almost no change at the top of the rankings. Florida, Alabama and Texas have been the mainstays at the top of the college ranks. Then we see three teams that are all clamoring for a BCS bowl bid. Boise State, Cincinnati and TCU are all undefeated and will end their regular season more than likely undefeated. The SEC has been the country's most powerful conference this year. Much like it has been in the past few years. Florida and LSU have seemingly sat atop the college ranks for years now, while Alabama made an amazing resurgence last year starting out with a sound whooping of Clemson in Atlanta to opening their season. It has just continued since that first week in 2008. This year Ol' Miss joined the dance only to fall off until last weekend when they knocked off LSU in what might have been considered a shocker.
The SEC will settle their differences with Alabama going head to head with Florida more than likely for the SEC Championship. At the same time Texas is going to be facing off against Nebraska, regardless of the outcome of the Thanksgiving tradition of Texas vs. Texas A&M.
Ohio State has already wrapped up the Big-10 after the Iowa Hawkeyes suffered injuries and ended up defeated and derailed at the end of the season. So the Buckeyes will be heading out to Pasadena to play in the Rose Bowl with a two loss season. Really what the Buckeyes are happiest about is that they won't be having to play another SEC team and suffer a humiliating defeat on a very national stage. All the Buckeyes are waiting for now is who from the Pac-10 they will face.
The PAC-10 has been incredibly exciting. The Ducks first knocked off Cal a few weeks back, then USC in a dominating performance only to lose a week later to a highly underrated Stanford team, who also went on to beat USC. This past weekend Cal bounced back and beat Stanford while the Ducks went down to Tuscon and in a double overtime game took down the Wildcats. That set-up a most exciting finish, and possibly after the SEC Championship game, the best Conference finish when the Ducks play their arch rivals the Oregon State Beavers in their annual Civil War game with the winner going to the Rose Bowl on December 3rd. If the Ducks win they will stand alone atop the PAC-10. If the Beavers win they will be tied with the Ducks atop the PAC-10 but by virtue of the head-to-head tie breaker the Beavers will get to go to Pasadena. The PAC-10 being the most confusing race at this point!
Now for the ACC, well it depends whether or not you are an ACC fan. I cheer for Clemson and they really do have some of the best fans and really a bonifide Heisman candidate in C.J. Spiller as well as Coach of the Year in Dabo Sweeny. Still, I don't put much stock in the ACC in regards of football, at least not this year. The ACC has shown no consistency throughout the season. Clemson is going to play Georgia Tech for the ACC Championship this year and if history proves anything, this will be a great game. Clemson and Georgia Tech is always a great game no matter how the rest of the season is going for them. Often this game comes down to who has the ball last. Georgia Tech got the better of Clemson by 3 points in Atlanta back in September. So the ACC Championship should shape up to be a very good game.
Now the question remains, what to do with Boise State, Cincinnati, and TCU...TCU is probably the best team in of the three or possibly Cincinnati. Boise State played one "tough" game this year in their opening game against the Oregon Ducks. Really after that they played no one of any challenge. Cincinnati in the Big East Conference and TCU in the Mountain West Conference both played much tougher schedules than Boise State. TCU among their wins came into Clemson and beat the Tigers, something not easily done in Death Valley. All of these teams are hoping for at-large BCS bids, but there will be a loser between Alabama and Florida, and with one loss none of those three teams could hang with the top two or three teams in the SEC.
While the season is coming to an end, there is some great excitement ahead as well as some intrigue as to how things shake out. There is still this weekend's games to play out, some with no consequence while others can completely affect the outcome of an entire season. So leave your seat belts on folks, this wild ride is far from over.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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