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Bank robber suspected of eating evidence

By Sandy Sand     Nov 24, 2009 in Crime
In an Alfred Hitchcock mini-drama, a vengeful wife offed her husband by bashing him over the head with a frozen leg of lamb, roasted it, then served it up to the investigating detectives who eat the evidence.
It’s a classic story and something similar may have happen in Streetsboro, Ohio, where police said a suspected bank robber may have eaten some of the alleged evidence against him.
The handcuffed suspect, John Ford, 35, of Cleveland, Ohio, was video taped lying across the hood of a police squad car, grabbing a piece of paper with his teeth as police were emptying the contents of his pockets and swallowing it, police said.
Ford was arrested on suspicion of bank robbery in Streetsboro, just south of Cleveland, following reports of a bank heist, police said.
The report said a man handed a teller a note demanding money during the course of the holdup, and police said they found money in Ford’s car, which matched the description of the alleged robbers car and an exploded bank die pack.
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