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article imageDigital Journal enhanced mobile site allows you to post news, images & more

By Chris Hogg     Nov 20, 2009 in Internet is proud to announce a major upgrade to its mobile site. Visitors will now be able to submit news, blogs and images using smartphones anywhere in the world. Anyone with a cellphone is a citizen journalist.
The new mobile site is available by visiting from your cellphone. Note: You must be on a mobile device to see the mobile website.
The greatest asset for any news outlet is the ability to have reporters file a story or submit a photo from wherever they are. Whether it's from a house in the suburbs of Toronto, the scene of an accident in Barcelona, a press conference in Cape Town or a crowded street in Beijing, people all over the world now have the ability to instantly submit blogs, news images and more to via their cellphone.
Digital Journal is happy to announce the upgrade of its mobile site that includes a long list of enhancements and features for mobile news junkies and roving reporters. Think of this as a comprehensive iPhone app that doesn't require an iPhone, because the site will work on any smart hone. All you need is an Internet connection on your mobile device.
Among the improvements and new features, visitors to will see:
Comprehensive content: Digital Journal's mobile site now boasts more content, and a lot more to do. You can now read or submit news and blogs, view or submit images, browse through groups, comment on virtually everything and click on anyone's name to see recent activity. The mobile site is a completely portable social news network.
Submit news: If you're a Digital Journalist, simply click "Post News" and provide a headline, keywords and details of your article. You can save a draft to see how it looks and then publish it when your draft is ready and polished up. All Digital Journalists are paid for their news reports (more info).
Post blogs: Every member of the site can now publish a blog from . It may not be a news report but something fun worth sharing. Click on the link to blogs from the top of the page and you can post a blog on any topic from wherever you are.
Submit images: Every member of the site has been given a secret email address they can use to submit images. From your mobile device, you can email pictures to this secret address and they will automatically be uploaded to the site with your name listed as the photographer. You can then add your images to any article or blog post across the site, even if someone else wrote the post. It's mobile content crowdsourcing!
Share: You can now share articles, blogs and images with your friends, family and coworkers from using our embedded sharing tools. Publish directly to Facebook or Twitter while on the go.
Groups: What would a social news network be like without Groups? Visit and you can view recently active Groups on the site. You can join any Group and then publish blogs and share info directly with that Group's members.
Vote for articles: If you're logged in to the mobile site, all articles come with a vote button. If you enjoyed reading it, vote it up because your input helps sort news on the front page.
Mobile editors: All Digital Journalists can also edit while on the fly. Using your mobile phone, you can click "edit" on any article and make revisions or add information to any story. Writers have to approve changes before they are implemented on the site (more on how this works).
Listen to any article using ReadSpeaker: We've been testing this for some time now and it's been a huge success. Anyone who visits can click "Listen to article" and have ReadSpeaker read articles out loud to them. This is a great feature if you're busy driving or cooking supper, for example, all thanks Voice Corp.
There are a lot more features available, so all you have to do is visit from your mobile phone and get in on the action. Thanks to all of you who provided feedback and suggestions.
Please note: There may be older smart phones that handle cookies and javascript differently than newer models. If you have any difficulty using the mobile site please Contact Us and let us know what model cellphone you are using.
iPhone users: To add an app-like icon to your homescreen, visit on your iPhone > click the "+" symbol > add to homescreen. This will place a red "D" on your iPhone's homescreen which is a direct link to Digital Journal mobile.
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