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article imageOp-Ed: Fort Hood's Troubling Parallels to 9/11

By Johnny Simpson     Nov 9, 2009 in Crime
In the wake of the Fort Hood slaughter by Nadal Hasan, disturbing patterns are emerging between that bloodbath and 9/11. An act of terror driven by Islamist extremism. Many victims died. Many others suffer. And all the red flags were once again ignored.
A Google search of "Fort Hood" 9/11 returned over 13,000,000 hits. Many posts link the two directly. Yet a similar search of "9/11 Truth" returned 24,000,000 hits. Just because something is out there, even in viral profusion, doesn't make it the truth. So what are the hard facts of the case to be made that the Fort Hood and 9/11 terror attacks share similar origins, ideologies and American failures to communicate? And where do they all tie in?
President Obama has asked the American people not to jump to conclusions about Army major Dr. Nadal Malik Hasan, the shooter in the Fort Hood slaughter, and I agree. Where I beg to differ with the President is not drawing conclusions if the overwhelming evidence of Islamist radicalism that has emerged regarding Dr. Hasan's past is true. Not to mention all of the bizarre behaviors, events and circumstances leading up to the Fort Hood attack that should have been red alerts to anyone who saw or heard him. Even worse, many colleagues did report on Dr. Hasan's radical behavior and were ignored or not followed up on. In fact, a lot of troubling parallels are now being drawn between Fort Hood and the 9/11 terror attacks based on their similar patterns and MOs, even a convergence point.
Won't find much in the "mainstream" media on that subject. From Chris Matthews and CNN to the Huffington Post and Keith Olbermann, a great deal of talk in the liberal MSM about Dr. Nadal Hasan's bloodletting at Fort Hood was all about OJT pressure, the wars, PTSD, "pre-PTSD," even health funding, and how it's not all about religion when in fact it seems to be all about religion: Islamist extremism.
Examples. When Dr. Hasan addressed a 'Great Rounds' symposium two years ago at Walter Reed Army Hospital, his former employer, he chose as his subject not medication prescriptions or other topical issues, but instead launched into a diatribe about his radical Islamist beliefs, such as beheading, burning or pouring hot oil down the throats of unbelievers. Not enough for ya? Dr. Hasan had a history just as troubling as that last statement, if not more so. Like justifying and praising suicide bombings under Islam, ranting against his own country and praising the Little Rock recruitment center shootings, all while a US Army major counseling war veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. And now we find he was trying to communicate with Al Qaeda, which Army and US intelligence officials knew about for months. Months!
What's wrong with this picture? Funny that it's only the British "tabloids" like the Guardian UK that seem to be reporting these uncomfortable facts. Like Dr. Hasan having attended the same radical mosque in Virginia in 2001 at the same time as two of the 9/11 terrorists. Um, is this government vetting anyone at all? Even since 9/11? Dr. Hasan's history of radical Islamist beliefs started well before 9/11, it seems. And it's not like he kept his jihadi-like extremist views a big secret. Hello? Anybody home at Homeland? I guess not.
Even more disturbing parallels to 9/11 have emerged. Before nineteen Al Qaeda terrorists mass-murdered 3000 innocents eight years ago, people noticed strange behaviors in them. 9/11 ringleader Mohammad Atta was rumored to be passing out Korans in a strip club he frequented just before 9/11. Dr. Hasan also liked frequenting strip clubs, a Muslim no-no, and was also seen passing out Korans in a similar uncharacteristic manner prior to his murderous rampage that claimed thirteen lives and wounded dozens more. He also shouted "Allahu Akbar!" as he shot up Fort Hood. He would have killed far more had he not been stopped.
At what point can we say that Dr. Hasan's radical Islamist beliefs factored greatly into his singular act of terror, one that would be a heralded blow had it been struck by the Taliban or Al Qaeda on the war front? Is anybody seeing the Big Picture here? We had the whole 9/11 Commission Report that flagged warning sign after warning sign leading up to the attacks. In retrospect, we are now seeing a repeat popping-up of those very same red flags, accompanied by the very same PC blinders that brought Hell down on us that fateful September day long ago. Why did no one speak up in force? I would consider an M.D. ranting on at an Army hospital psych symposium about beheading, boiling oil and cutting the throats of unbelievers as a reportable act, given his job and how many of similar irrational mindset often act violently on such words.
But is it too politically incorrect now to point the finger at radical Islam? The same radical Islam that is responsible for well over 10,000 terror attacks since 9/11 alone? Did the same PC that blinded us to 9/11 blind us at Fort Hood? It sure doesn't look good. Examples. How many Army shrinks proselytized Mullah Omar-style like Dr. Hasan? How many psychologists request weapons training as he did? How did these many troubling behaviors and statements escape serious investigation by the Army, especially post-9/11? Why was he not fully investigated and booted from the Army after his known attempts to contact Al Qaeda?
Do we want to have to keep asking the same questions in the wake of tragedies like 9/11 and Fort Hood, because no one wants to offend multicultural people like Dr. Hasan and possibly appear prejudiced against Muslims, no matter how crazy some might talk or act? I certainly hope we Americans have not become so PC on the subject of radical Islam that we remain suicidal in failing to report or follow up on glaring warning signs in individuals' behavior for fear of offending, or getting in PC trouble ourselves for reporting. If so, then we Americans are doomed to suffer acts of domestic terror like Fort Hood, 9/11 and God forbid, a Beslan.
I am not recommending that we point the finger at all Muslims. From reading accounts of Fort Hood since the massacre, I have discovered there are hundreds of fine and patriotic American Muslims serving there. I would not recommend in the least giving them the third degree or extracting loyalty oaths. They've already sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution. Same oath I took. And peaceful Muslims like Muhammad Ali don't commit acts of terror and never would. In fact, peaceful Muslims are suffering the worst of it all over. And this kind of common sense awareness isn't limited to Muslims. You don't have to be a psychologist to know crazy when you see it. Can't we at least point out the crazy radical Muslim extremists like Hasan?
Why didn't anyone really open their eyes to what Dr. Hasan was all about, given the preponderance of the evidence as we now know it to be? Yet unlike the radical Islamist 9/11 terrorists and most suicide bombers, Dr. Hasan has survived what he himself might describe as a "martyrdom" operation, and will be asked many pressing questions. The FBI also has his computer and personal records. Wider state and federal investigations of those who knew him best should reveal even more troubling information. Dr. Hasan will no doubt be court-martialed and sentenced to death for the worst massacre on a US Army base in American history. His fate should be no different than Timothy McVeigh's in that respect. But his court-martial should be open to public eyes. Let all court testimony see the light of day. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.
But I am also with Eric Ericksen of the Red State blog and others that this incident is worthy of Congressional investigation. The fact that radical Islam played a major role in this attack cannot and should not be swept under the rug. We do so at our own peril. Lastly, I would be very displeased if any of Fort Hood's fallout struck innocent American Muslims. It is the extremists that are the problem. But I would be far more displeased if, out of political correctness, we find ourselves in the wake of yet another tragedy like Fort Hood or 9/11, asking the same damn questions when all the warning signs were there for all to see.
When will we learn basic self-preservation? Or are we doomed to a Groundhog Day of perpetual terror attacks, tragedies and suffering at the hands of radical Islamist jihadis because we don't want to hurt PC feelings or offend? How many more Dr. Hasans must we suffer before we finally wake up to very real threat of radical Islam, even in our midst? Will we ever? I certainly hope so. Tragedy and acts of terror like Sgt. Hasan Akbar's fragging spree in Iraq, the Fort Hood bloodbath and the 9/11 attacks, all of which could have been totally avoided, are really starting to wear on me. I can't imagine how they're wearing on the victims.
UPDATE: Joe Lieberman isn't worried about hurting PC feelings, either. He's calling Dr. Hasan's killing spree the act of a home-grown terrorist and demanding Congress investigate. Which it will. Also, Dr. Hasan is awake now, but is refusing to talk. He wants his lawyer, see? I'll betcha he gets off with a ticket to Palau.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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