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article imageInside the world of modeling with Taryn Alyssa Marlee Crane Special

By KJ Mullins     Nov 7, 2009 in Entertainment
Shows like America's Top Model have put the modeling world front and center with the public. What is the life really like for a young girl on her own in this adult business? Model Taryn Alyssa Marlee Crane gives us a view into the life.
The fashion world is hot, exciting and very adult. The models though are often quite young and at times on their own. Does the lure of the high life lead them down a path of sex, drugs and rock and roll or do they stay focused on the business aspect?
The modeling world is very narrow, only a handful of beautiful women will make it to the big time. There are more lighting up the pictures of magazines that are skirting the edge.
Taryn Alyssa Marlee Crane, 18, started modeling at 13. The Toronto native talked to me about the highs and lows of being so young in this body conscious business.
"I love modeling but thirteen is still too young to start for many girls."
Taryn and I first discussed the positive aspects of modeling. From the chance to travel to exotic locations to meeting people that she never would have, Taryn has enjoyed her modeling career.
"I have had to chance to do things that I never would have in a regular day to day job." The young woman told me, "The money is very good too."
Still the money does come at a price. For Taryn that price has been her education. She, like many others in the industry had to be away from school for weeks at a time. Because of this she has yet to graduate. She said that while she would like to have her diploma she can't see herself going back to a daily school setting.
Taryn Alyssa Marlee Crane
Taryn Alyssa Marlee Crane
special permission by Taryn Alyssa Marlee Crane
"A lot of girls try to do the online school thing or go to schools that work with their schedules. A lot of it has to do with the person."
Having your body picked apart during cattle calls and modeling assignments is also very difficult for young girls to deal with.
"There's a lot of pressure on you at a really young age. I think for really young girls there is too much pressure." Taryn confided that in retrospect starting at the age of thirteen may have been too young but she's happy with her life.
We then went into a topic that seems to go hand and hand with the fashion industry- drugs. Taryn told me that it was very rare to see drugs on the set, although some girls do show up high to gigs. The problem isn't at work for these young girls but during the off-hour time that goes with the biz.
"There's a lot of drugs but it's with the clubbing and promoting scene. Drug use is really common then."
Modeling agencies will offer a model's parents the chance to travel with them, but at a price. While the agency will pay for their model they expect the model's family to pay their own way. That can be a deciding factor when a gig can last for weeks and months at a time. Many young models go it alone, staying in a house with other young models with little adult supervision.
When I asked Taryn what she did when it was time to travel she laughed, "I went on my own." She also says looking back she would have liked her parents along with her. When I asked what her parents had thought of her traveling to Paris, Japan, New York and the other locations that she has lived in at such an early age she said that they thought she was ready for it.
Taryn is taking some time off this season. A thin young woman she says that in the business she is not considered thin for the high fashion industry. That expectation to be thinner than at times practical can have young girls bypassing food in order to get a job.
"A lot of models don't eat to make the expectation. There are always healthy options though, I prefer doing cardio exercising to not eating."
The modeling industry can offer a young girl many perks. The money, travel and excitement are all positive life experiences. The down side is that it is an adult business with adult stresses that are placed on very young girls.
Taryn Alyssa Marlee Crane
Taryn Alyssa Marlee Crane
special permission by Taryn Alyssa Marlee Crane
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