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article imageLatest Birther challenge thrown out of court

By Oliver VanDervoort     Oct 30, 2009 in Politics
Another challenge from the "Birthers" top advocate, Orly Taitz against President Obama's birth certificate has been thrown out of court.
United States District Judge David Carter's decision came down this morning, dismissing Orly Taitz's motion that President Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen and therefore should not be allowed to continue be president.
Judge Carter wrote in his decision that the plaintiffs were asking the Court "to effectively overthrow a sitting president who was popularly elected by We the People‚ sixty-nine million of the people."
The judge had commented before his ruling that his office was being lobbied hard by birthers to allow her motion. It was later revealed that Taitz had asked for this sort of support on her personal website.
The judge's decision also shows that he believes Taitz was actually in the act of suborning perjury after hearing complaints from witnesses that she had asked them to lie on the stand.
This was the farthest the "Birther" lawsuits had managed to get in the judicial process.
Taitz was fined $20,000 earlier this month for "wasting the judicial resources of the State of Georgia"
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