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Gun Terror At The House Of Screams

By Melissa Horrocks     Oct 27, 2009 in Crime
A drunken police officer and a group of friends were walking around the House of Screams (Haunted House) when they were approached by worker Mike Morrison dressed as Leatherface, the murderer in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. reports that the drunken police officer, Sergeant Eric Janik was frightened so much by the worker that he pulled out his gun and pointed it at him. Worker, Mike Morrison was merely carrying out his job of frightening visitors at the house. Sergeant Eric Janik has now been charged with assualt and reckless endangerment.
Mike Morrison just wanted to give the group one last fright as they were exiting the haunted house. What
Morrison had not counted on was that the police officer would pull out his gun. It was a crime fuelled by alcohol that made the police officer so afraid he did not act rationally. According to authorities Mike Morrisonn was so afraid that he was shaking. He really believed that the police officer would pull his trigger. reports that Morrison was merely 10 feet away when Janik took his gun out. It was another employee at the House of Screams who notified the police. The employee told the police that Janik pointed the gun at Morrison's chest. When the police arrived they could not find a listed number for Janik and only a voice mail through to his attorney.
A security guard had followed Janik and the group through the haunted house because he was concerned about Janik's drunken behaviour. Janik even had his daughter with him when the crime occured. Police commanders have now suspended Janik from the police force. A hearing this morning will decide Janik's fate and whether he is entitled to any payment for his work in the police force.
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