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article imageAuthor Marilyn Garshowitz exposes bullying in new book Special

By KJ Mullins     Oct 26, 2009 in Health
Society has allowed bullying to be the norm. Those strong words are the cornerstone of Marilyn Garshowitz's book The Brutal Truth. From the playground to the judge's chamber, bullying is an issue that needs to be addressed, she stresses.
Marilyn Garshowitz delved into her own experiences and those of others when she set pen to paper for the book The Brutal Truth. The book deals with the bullying that takes place within the government and the legal system.
Much like a school yard bully, the government according to Garshowitz can use force tactics to get their way. She should know, as a whistle blower Ms. Garshowitz has dealt with bullying throughout her life. Her story and the stories of others in her complex book The Brutal Truth shows the negatives of the acceptance within society of bullying and the mobbing that takes place as a result of that bullying.
During a telephone interview Ms. Garshowitz explained the reasons for writing her book and her ambitions.
"Bullying is the problem of all society. It's not just the schoolyards and workplace. It's within the legal system. Bullying is about maintaining a level of inequality where the victim can not climb out. Victim blaming has become allowed in society. It's the norm. We have allowed the judge to blame the rape victim, and the mind raping of a bully is just as allowed."
In the end victims of bullies deal with life long problems. One of the hardest problems to deal with is that victims no longer trust those in authority. Why should they, those authority figures have not helped them. It's common for children to be told to go to a teacher if there is a problem with bullies. When the child takes that first step and is told in effect to change their behaviour so that they are not bullied they have been shown quickly that they are the problem.
Garshowitz worked at York Detention Centre as a correctional officer with youth for six years. After getting her bachelor's degree in psychology she wanted to help troubled youth and the job was a progression of her skills and experiences.
Her bully was a supervisor but in the end it was the mob mentality that caused her physical illness and post traumatic stress disorder. Throughout the course of dealing with the supervision Garshowitz became ill from dealing with a mean supervisor to meetings that blamed her as the victim for the bully's actions. That illness and the path she endured to right the wrongs of her dealings with a workplace bully are highlighted within the pages of The Brutal Truth.
"My story is small in the bigger picture. By combining my story with others though it shows that there is a problem and how huge is really is."
Bullies in the workplace are known for turning the tables on their victims. They change the story, falsify records and do whatever they have to in order to stay on top. It's allowed because of the mobbing that they have acquired with others in the job front. Management does not want to have to deal with law suits against them. It's easier to silence the victim and promote the bully.
"The whole world is in crisis because of bullying. The book takes the micro to the macro. I focus on solutions by delving into other organizations' work that are working to end bullying. We have to get to the root of the problem, the legalities and the accountability of justice," Garshowitz says, "When people have issues it is messy. People have to suffer to make the changes. You have to make a stand. Just like the suffragettes dealt with suffering in order to win the right to vote, today's whistle blowers suffer in order to change society for the better of all."
The Brutal Truth is Garshowitz's first book. she has in the past worked with professors and has been co-published. Today Marilyn focuses her energy on The Brutal Truth project.
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