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article imageNicole Kidman becomes Goodwill Ambassador For Women

By Melissa Horrocks     Oct 25, 2009 in Politics
Nicole Kidman fights for women affected by domestic violence across the world. Nicole Kidman hopes to make a difference and help those women who are suffering.
Nicole Kidman has decided to help those less fortunate than herself by taking on the role of "goodwill ambassador" for the UN Development Fund for Women, The Independent reports. Since The US Congress have not acted on legislation that was introduced to help fight abuse in women world wide, Nicole Kidman has decided to help move this forward. This new piece of legislation will help to change women's lives all over the world, but US Congress have not made any decisions over this. Nicole Kidman hopes to act on behalf of all the abused women worldwide. Statistics by Amnesty International show that one in three women experience violence and abuse at least once in their lifetime.
Many celebrities have become ambassadors for causes that they believe in. Now Nicole Kidman hopes to raise enough publicity to make the US Congress act on this piece of legislation. Nicole Kidman addressed Congress over the amount of violence that is taking place in the world and brought attention to the way that domestic abuse violates a humans rights. reports that, Nicole Kidman joined ranks with Mallika Dutt in supporting the United States approach to stop violence to women. Ms Kidman and Ms Dutt, have been in talks to the U.S House of Representatives Sub-Committee trying to persuade them to invest money in women offering local partnerships and materials for effective courses in third world Countries.
Kidman is acting as a voice for the women she has met through UNIFEM and to address their experiences of domestic violence. It is believed that if action is taken to provide support for women experiencing violence then changes can take place. By pushing the action of U.S Congress to bring the legislation forward it is hoped that many women across the world will be supported.
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