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YouTube star discovered to be sex offender

By Melissa Horrocks     Oct 25, 2009 in Crime
Edward Muscare is a sex offender who has been very popular on YouTube recently. He has his own set of fans who are very protective of him.

Muscare on YouTube / October 24, 2009
According to the Orlando Sentinel, Edward Muscare has become quite a star on YouTube. There are many people who watch Muscare's videos, many of these people do not realise that they are watching a sex offender. If they did know then maybe Muscare wouldn't be such a huge hit that he is on YouTube. Edward Muscare adopted a new name on YouTube, perhaps this was to cover his tracks? His name was 'Edarem' and his videos feature an older man miming and singing songs. Most of Muscare's videos have amassed hundreds of thousands of page views from viewers on the YouTube website.
It was due to the fact that Muscare's videos became so popular that Florida and South Carolina law enforcement agencies discovered his online presence. Muscare is not permitted to use the internet because he is a registered sex offender so he is is violation of his probation. Once fans became aware of his offences, rather than attacking him they came to his defence. Many of his fans decided to fight for his freedom and encourage Muscare to carry on posting videos.
Muscare who is 77 years old, has to meet with Judge Mark Hill tomorrow in Lake County to decide what action should be taken against him. Judge Mark Hill was the man who sentenced Muscare two years ago due to breaking the sex offender reporting requirements.
Muscare first committed a crime against a 14 year old Orange County boy in 1986. Back then, Muscare worked as a television host and was first arrested in San Diego. Muscare was sentenced to 2 1/2 years imprisonment plus 10 years supervised probation.
Topix reports that during his time working as a KC television host Muscare presented children's television shows, interviews and a late night horror show. Muscare was popular during the late 70's and early 80's, but mysteriously vanished for over 10 years. When he started posting on YouTube it was the first time he had been in front of the camera for over a decade. reports that Edarem has also been called, "Creepy Old Man", Although his real name is Edward Muscare he has also gone under the name, Edward J. Vianney. When Muscare worked as a television host he was known as, Edmus Scarey. Muscare likes to be bitten by dogs, grind axes with a grinder, sing old Roy Orbison songs and likes the television sitcom Scrubs.
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