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article imageTopFinds: Windows 7 Reviewed, Jason Priestley in Nova Scotia

By David Silverberg     Oct 23, 2009 in Internet's extensive coverage of Windows 7. Is the swine flu vaccine safe? Actor Jason Priestley returns to TV. These are the top stories making headlines around the world.
The big news for tech watches and, well, anyone who uses a PC, is the release of Windows 7. Covering all the aspects of installing the OS and reviewing its features is Jack Kapica, who provided readers with three articles on the release: he explains how you can upgrade to Windows 7 with peace of mind, a 2,800-word overview of Windows 7, and a report from a live talk by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Consider those three articles your comprehensive guide to Windows 7, all written in Jack's knowledgeable voice.
Salim Jiwa is a new Digital Journalist who has been publishing fascinating articles from B.C. and beyond. In this Special Report, Salim interviews reps from the RCMP to learn more about a foreigner detained for trying to cross the U.S.-Canada border with a million in undeclared cash and gold. It's always heartening to see a journalist show that extra effort by interviewing specialists in their field and providing readers with breaking news.
Two entertainment stories caught our eye. First, Lenny Stoute interviews popular music star Sean Kingston, a great get in arts journalism. We learn why Kingston was "young and angry," what he thinks about Canada, and why he's embracing social media. Interesting profile, Lenny.
Finally, Kevin Jess offers us a peek into a TV comedy series in the making, filming in his hometown in Nova Scotia, Canada. Jason Priestley plays the title in Meet Phil Fitz, acting as a morally bankrupt car salesman. Kevin not only digs to find out what the show's about but he also provides some exclusive photos of the set, complete with illustrative headlines. Keep us posted on the show, Kevin
A selection of other notable stories include:
Farrakhan: H1N1 vaccine developed to kill people by Andrew Moran: Swine flu news continues to make headlines, but here's an odd duck -- outspoken Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan claims the new H1N1 vaccine has been created to "depopulate the human race." Although he is stoking fear about the vaccine, his warning isn't needed to turn off the public -- as Andrew tells us, a recent poll found two-thirds of American parents will delay or not give their kids the required shots.
Minister Louis Farrakhan.
Minister Louis Farrakhan.
File photo
Canadian health officials contradict each other about H1N1 by Stephanie Dearing: Going north a bit, Stephanie reports on the swine flu vaccines facing Canada. She writes, "Canadians have become confused about the H1N1 virus and vaccination plan because of the conflicting and contradictory information that continues to tumble into the public domain day after day."
U Conn Cornerback Jasper Howard Stabbed On Campus by Dave Giza: Tackling the crime beat, Dave tells us the horrific story of a college football player stabbed numerous times by an unknown assailant. A second victim survived but was airlifted to hospital. As we learn today, the police have no clues and are facing a new hurdle: witnesses are being threatened with violence if the speak to authorities.
CBS News raises doubts over McNair murder investigation by B. Thomas Cooper: It ain't over til it's over, and that motto applies to criminal investigations. In this story, we learn about possible improper conduct by police when they investigated the murder of former NFL quarterback Steve McNair. Read the post for all the intriguing details. We smell a made-for-TV movie.
George W. Bush to deliver motivational speech at 'Get Motivated!' by Andrew Moran: He just couldn't step away from the spotlight -- the former U.S. president is making the public speaking rounds, and will take the stage in Fort Worth, Texas at a business seminar expected to draw at least 10,000 people. A political science prof has this to say about Bush's speech: "Maybe it can be like, 'Do what I say, not what I do. Or maybe it'll be, 'I'm the model of what you shouldn't be.”
George W. Bush
U.S. President George W. Bush delivers remarks on the Freedom Agenda
White House photo by Chris Greenberg
Fake anti virus software catches 43 million users' credit cards by Paul Wallis: This is one of those watch-out article to alert you to the email scams designed to steal your identity. Paul reports on fake anti-virus programs advertised and "sold" to unsuspecting consumers, who then hand over credit card numbers to organized crime. The dupes? 43 million in total. Let's hope you're not one of them.
Pre-approved credit card with 79.9% APR? by Kay Mathews: Evidently, it's legal to come up with a credit card with 79.9 per cent APR. As Kay adds, a marketing prof believes this First Premier Bank credit card is a bad deal aimed at desperate people. Indeed, desperate people who will now become a lot poorer.
Miguel Cotto takes his turn to greet the media
Miguel Cotto takes his turn to greet the media
Oliver Iglesias
Miguel Cotto Not Bothered by Manny Pacquiao's Speed by Leo Reyes: The fight every boxing is anticipating between Cotta and Pacquiao is stirring up monumental buzz, and even some bravado. Leo reports on Cotto's claim he can keep up with Pac-Man's speed. We also get a few predictions from former boxing champs, but you'll have to click on the article to find out who comes out on top.
The Top Blog Post of the Week is awarded to Melissa Horrocks for her poignant tidbit about her newborn son. In this post, she tells us about visiting the baby in the hospital and dealing with nurses and dirty sheets. "I cannot wait to get him home because then I will be able to give him all the love that he needs," Melissa concludes, and as many parent can attest, it's a statement that rings true.
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