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article imageOp-Ed: ​The Megan Williams hoax is keeping racism alive

By Chuck Thompson     Oct 23, 2009 in Politics
The "Reverend" Al Sharpton is not a quick study. You would think that after the Tawana Brawley and The Duke LaCrosse incidents he would have learned to practice a modicum of restraint. You might think that, but you'd be wrong.
That's because Sharpton makes his living from gullible African-Americans and the extortion of cowardly corporations. And he has honed his scam to a fine point - naturally, he's back in the news over Megan Williams. He's in the news primarily because he can always be counted on to be the first to throw the race card.
In this case, six white people went to jail because they pleaded guilty to crimes against Megan Williams - a black woman. Plea agreements on the advice of Public Defenders insured "swift justice", though Sharpton and Malik Zulu Shabazz (why do people choose these goofy names?) complained that it wasn't enough. Shabazz is a part of the New Black Panther Party and Black Lawyers for Justice. Between Sharpton and Shabazz, a virtual firestorm of outrage took place in the gullible African-American community. Too bad it was a big, fat lie.
"She is recanting her entire story," attorney Byron Potts told reporters in Columbus, Ohio, about his client, Megan Williams, who moved there after the incident. "She says it did not happen. She fabricated it."
"It sounds to me that there are innocent people held in jail for something they did not do," Potts said. "I have no idea what convinced them to plead guilty." He said Williams knows that by recanting her testimony, she could be prosecuted for lying about the incident. "She still wants to come forward. She's been fully advised that she could potentially be charged and end up in the penitentiary herself," he said.
Megan Williams, the "victim" has recanted the entire story, saying her mother and others (I wonder who they could be?) encouraged her to lie and will no doubt soon be holding a news conference where a Legal Defense Fund will be called for. She's already raised more than $70,000 from the initial fake hullabaloo. She claims she never saw any of that money. Interestingly, Shabazz acted as attorney for Williams and her mother. I wonder if he saw any of the money? Her mother was acting for her, but the mother is dead now and can't defend herself. I think an investigation of the whereabouts of the $70,000 should be started.
Even if Megan Williams has the IQ of a sack of okra, she understands that as a result of clearing her conscience she may face charges and prison time herself. Her current lawyer said he advised her of that and she understands. The race card crown says she is lying now and that begs the question: What could be her motive for lying about lying? Especially considering the penalties she will no incur herself.
I'm not saying the convicted whites didn't commit crimes. The fact is, I don't know, and it wouldn't surprise me to find out that they did. Maybe some or all of them should be in prison. My point is that if Sharpton, Shabazz and others of their ilk hadn't screamed racism, marched, rallied and lied to put political pressure on the prosecution and the police there might have been a fair trial.
When will the African-American community wake up and realize these jerks have no interest in ending racism? They live to perpetuate racism. They make a fine living stirring up the gullible African-American community. They are soul-less, black-hearted fat cats.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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